Neville has done incredible things for the cruiserweight division ever since he first won the Cruiserweight Championship back at the Royal Rumble, but it seems that this didn’t come into play when Vince McMahon arrived backstage for Raw last week.

Neville faced Akira Tozawa in a championship match that wasn’t even announced before the show and according to Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, they seem to think that McMahon just wanted to shake things up and give away something big on TV for free.

It was a huge shock when The Titus Brand finally had their own champion and many of the WWE Universe thought that this was a sign of things to come for Titus and the team he is slowly building, but instead Tozawa was then dethroned on the kickoff show at SummerSlam.

It seems that the whole thing was just Vince McMahon’s plan to throw in a curveball that no one was expecting at the last minute. He is well aware of the fact that Neville is the best man to he holding that championship at the moment, and it is thought that this is why Neville was booked to win it back just six days later.

The title switch now gives the duo a reason to continue their feud, if nothing else, but a six day title reign probably doesn’t look great for Titus if that’s the best advert he has when he’s trying to convince people to join his brand.