mick foley

When he was an active wrestler Mick Foley feuded with some of the biggest names in the business such as Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H to name a few. However, the former WWE Champion hasn’t stepped into the ring since 2012.

When it comes to the current crop of professional wrestlers there are a lot of potential dream matches for Foley, and he recently named a few stars he wishes he could face during an episode of Foley Is Pod.

“I would love to work with [Jon] Moxley. Bray Wyatt, I imagine the promos could be really cool. And I always liked working with people who had polar opposite styles of mine, so somebody like Darby Allin and Ricochet.”

If you could see Mick Foley face off against any current wrestler who would it be? Sound off in the comments below.

H/T Wrestling Inc.