matt hardy

The Final Deletion got a lot of people talking when it debuted on Impact Wrestling a few years ago, and The Broken Hardys later followed the match up with Delete or Decay, and then The Great War.

Once The Hardys returned to WWE, there was a lot of talk in regards to how a Final Deletion style match might go down on WWE programming, and we found out a few months ago when Matt faced off against Bray Wyatt in The Ultimate Deletion.

When it was all said and done, Matt deleted Bray, and now they’re not only tag team partners, but the current Raw Tag Team Champions.

Since The Ultimate Deletion there’s been very little talk of WWE doing a follow up match, but now Matt is proposing the idea of him and Bray teaming up for an Ultimate Deletion style match, and he’s asking for the support of the fans to help make it happen.

Ironically enough, after Broken Matt deleted Brother Nero in The Final Deletion, they ended up teaming together for the follow up match that was Delete or Decay, so if Matt does get his wish then it looks like he and Bray could walk a similar path.