velveteen dream

It doesn’t get much better than Velveteen Dream when it comes to comes to someone having an undying passion for pro wrestling. I can’t talk about his season of Tough Enough enough and I’ll always remember the anger that rose up inside him while standing in the kitchen of that reality television house when he discovered that other contestants might not possess the fervor for pro wrestling that he did.

Velveteen Dream realized the rare chance he had from the get-go and capitalized on that to turn people’s heads and make them pay attention. Tough Enough might not have been his to win, but he will have plenty more chances to pull down a W before his time in the business is over.

Dream was eliminated from Tough Enough way too soon that year and instead saw people move on representing the male side who disappointed in many ways. But now he is a NXT star and finally able to do what he loves even though he had to scratch and claw to get there himself.

He’s young and aggressive. Time after time Velveteen Dream turns people against him with his hateful and cocky persona but then blows them away with his in-ring ability. In the end, pretty much everyone winds up saying his name.

But there’s someone else in NXT who is also absolutely incredible that fans were delighted to see rise up from the indies so he could grab a brass ring in WWE. Ricochet is now an NXT star and he shot straight to the top in more ways than one.

Now Ricochet is poised to take on Velveteen Dream in a rivalry that could be pretty incredible. The two might very well make NXT TakeOver: Chicago their own and steal the show.

So when Ricochet commented back to Dream’s remark about 205 Live in his usual humorous tone he had a veiled threat attached as well to hype their match.

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