When the Hardys left Anthem Sports and their precious Impact Wrestling they didn’t get to take their Broken Gimmick with them. It’s been over three months since The Hardys came back home to WWE and even though there’s been no real reveal of a Broken Universe in WWE there sure have been some heavy hints.

The Hardy Boyz really teased the Broken Gimmick a few weeks ago when they thought a deal with Anthem Sports to acquire their gimmick was only a signature away. But when Jeff Jarrett said Anthem and The Hardys had no deal in place that was quite a shock to Matt and Jeff. Needless to say, Reby Hardy wasn’t too happy at all either.

There has been quite a bit of mud slinging between the two sides but The Hardy Boyz are still carrying on with WWE and doing their best to prove they’re at the top of their game.

The Hardys had a big win this week on Raw when they not only took out The Club, but the brothers who traveled through time and space to wind up as Team Xtreme once more also took out The Revival. It was an impressive display and cemented The Hardys as the top team not going after the Raw Tag Team Championships.

After Raw was over Matt and Jeff were interviewed during a Raw Fallout online segment. Not only did the interview contain veiled references to their former gimmick that they apparently can’t legally touch, but the Hardys have apparently been “woken.” I’m no poet, but “Broken” and “Woken” are pretty similar sounding words.

Matt tweeted out the Raw Fallout interview with a message saying “it’s happening” and he not only hashtagged “broken” but also threw out three other hashtags in #FTR, #FTC, and #FTO (we’ll let you figure out what those mean because this is a family friendly website).

If WWE plans to debut “The Woken Hardys” and just lets them do everything like they did during their Broken Gimmick it wouldn’t just be hilarious but totally justified. One thing is for sure, something seems to be happening to The Hardy Boyz and we’re very interested.