It’s crazy how Enzo and Big Cass went from being two of the most popular people on the roster and seemingly over night they’ve become despised. Big Cass turned on his friend after claiming he was annoying. Cass said he was tired of standing up for Enzo when his mouth got him into trouble. Cassady said he’s not going to stand behind him but apparently Cass does stand behind Donald Trump and that’s reportedly gotten him some heat with the boys backstage.

We’re not even going to go into that dumpster fire of a main event on Raw that Big Show couldn’t save with all of his tricks. Big Show is in the shape of his life and a talented veteran who knows how to work so you can’t blame that one on The Giant. You might blame it on the fact the second hour ended with the main event of Roman vs Strowman vs Joe for some reason and the crowd was dead or had left by the end of the night. But you can’t blame Big Show.

The point is things aren’t working out for Big Cass the way WWE would have hoped. Cass is supposed to get boos but after seeing him beat up Enzo for over a month straight he got little-to-no reaction from the live crowd. Oh, and Big Cass’ music was awful so they replaced it with something that sounds more like the theme song for a PS1 game.

On the other hand, Enzo isn’t doing too well either. Apparently he’s just flat-out annoying. There was an issue on a tour where Enzo got on everyone’s nerves so badly Roman Reigns had to kick him off the bus. Afterward Enzo received the “Miz treatment” from the locker room and had to dress in the hallway.

We’re not even going into the tell-all story from a stripper who allegedly dealt with Enzo last weekend, so you can just click here and read all of those crazy details.

On a recent episode of Bring It To The Table on WWE Network JBL pretty much confirmed the entire story about Enzo getting kicked off the WWE bus and having to dress in the locker room. JBL said apart from The Miz he’s never seen a guy pull back after being this far gone with the boys. There were mentions of maybe Enzo could have something akin to Wrestler’s Court but Undertaker is no longer around to be the judge. But in the end, JBL wasn’t too certain we’d be seeing Enzo in WWE for very much longer.

Corey Graves said he is rooting for Enzo, “I want Enzo on the team,” he said. But even Corey admitted when you’re “on” all the time like Enzo is that it gets pretty old very fast. You know how Enzo’s always full of energy and kind of punny, obnoxious, and a caricature of a human being on television? Well, apparently he’s the same way in real life.

Graves said he might need to ease up and quit boasting about his night partying with The Weeknd and just take it down a notch. This backstage heat situation might become nuclear if it’s not put in check somehow.

Whatever happens for Enzo, he needs to do it soon. Because wrestling is more than a business it is also much like a family. Superstars need to get along with their coworkers because it is in that bond that they trust each other with their bodies as they make towns around the world. But Enzo might be dangerously close to excommunication from that Brotherhood Of Back Bumps known as the WWE locker room. In time JBL theorized it might eventually result in Enzo not sticking around much longer either.

We’re still rooting for Enzo and hope he can figure some stuff out. But it might take a grand gesture of some kind to show he’s serious about making a change. In the meantime, if you ever notice someone being incredible stiff with Enzo in the ring it might be a receipt for being annoying. How you doin? Apparently not too good.