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The battle between The Hardys and Global Force Wrestling over the rights to the Broken Universe has been brutal. Both sides have been taking shots at each other on social media, and GFW President Ed Nordholm recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated where he openly told his side of the story.

During the interview Ed Nordholm made several claims, one of which was that Matt Hardy called him only days prior to the March Impact tapings to tell him that he would not be signing a new deal with the company unless they agreed to pay him $100,000 more than what had originally been agreed upon.

“Absolutely. On a Sunday night before a Thursday taping, when he had had the contract for a period of time, Matt Hardy called me to let me know he needed another $100,000 bucks or else he wanted to explore his options. I don’t say that to make him look bad. I’m saying it because I don’t blame him for trying to maximize his economics on his last big run. The reality is I couldn’t afford to go another $100,000 at that particular time, and I had to say no. I have no misapprehension; if WWE wants to take a guy away from me, I can’t really compete. I thought I had a deal with Matt, I reached as hard as I could. The part of the story that says we offered Jeff a big deal and Matt a little deal is utter bullsh–. We brought Matt and Jeff almost equal to each other, and offered them a full, all-in contract at a multiple of what he had been making under his old contract. He was there, as far as I knew, right up to the three or four days before he decided not to stay and he tried to get an extra $100,000. I don’t think that makes him look bad; I think that makes him look like a guy who, at his age, has to do the best for his family as he can. But I couldn’t afford another $100,000.”

After the interview surfaced online, Matt Hardy took to Twitter to dispute the claim, and he accused Ed Nordholm of blatantly lying.

According to Reby Hardy, Matt recorded every conversation he had with Ed Nordholm.

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