All Elite Wrestling has landed some major signings as of late such as CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, and the signings have left wrestling fans to wonder who could be next to jump ship.

Kevin Owens got fans talking when he recently posted a tweet containing the coordinates for Mount Rushmore, and it’s created speculation that he could be teasing a reunion for the Mount Rushmore stable consisting of Owens, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole. He also changed his location on his Twitter bio to read “Almost there.”

Back in 2018 the former Universal Champion said during an interview that he had signed a 5 year deal with WWE, but it looks like his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment may be up earlier than that.

Fightful Select is reporting that KO’s contract is actually up next year. It was noted that WWE restructured several contracts during the pandemic, and that Kevin Owens’ deal will expire in January of 2022.

One way or another it’s certainly interesting to think that KO could make the jump to AEW next year, as it’s probably safe to say that that the company would likely be interested in signing him. Stay tuned for updates.