john cena

You never know when or where John Cena is going to pop up next. He could be filming a movie, hosting a reality TV show, or holding down an award ceremony (it’s even better when slime is involved). Cena is one of the most versatile characters in pop culture today and his star seems to only shine brighter as time goes on.

Big Match John is no stranger to The Today Show. He’s hosted the show on several occasions and they seem to love having him there. They seem to especially love it even more when he uses Al Roker as a weight for his workout routine, but if John is just sitting down and having a chat that’s cool too.

The Today Show got another dose of Super Cena recently when he showed up to be just as awesome as ever. It must be hard to hate a guy like John Cena even though he regularly has people chanting “John Cena sucks” in his general direction.

Nikki and Brie Bella were also in The Big Apple showing off their upcoming Birdiebee lingerie collection. That just sounds like a recipe for a good time right there.

But wait, there’s more specifically if you’re a country music fan. Multiple award winning country music star Brett Eldredge was also on the show and used this chance to not only promote his work but also snag a photo-op with Cena. Of course since Brett’s parents were in the studios they just had to get in on the fun. It turns out everyone loves John Cena.

With Cena preparing for his upcoming Transformers Bumblebee spin-off movie fans need to enjoy John while they can. He’s not leaving WWE competently but you can imagine how these new Hollywood commitments might make him even more of a part-timer. We’re sure though even when John isn’t making towns with WWE he’ll still have time for The Today Show.