jinder mahal

After months of pledging his allegiance to Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton finally turned on his former master and he challenged the leader of The Wyatt Family for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. In the end it was Randy Orton who walked out with the gold after be beat Bray Wyatt to become a 13 time WWE World Champion.

After WrestleMania 33, Bray Wyatt was sent to Raw in the Superstar Shake-up, and Orton and Wyatt wrapped up their feud with the House of Horrors match at WWE Payback a few weeks ago.

Orton is the top star on SmackDown Live, and everyone wants a shot at his WWE Championship. A few weeks ago Jinder Mahal shocked the world when he won a six-pack challenge and went from jobber to #1 contender overnight, and Sunday night at WWE Backlash he finally challenged Orton for the belt.

Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton have been working hard to build up their feud over the past few weeks, and anticipation for the match was at an all time high as many people have been wondering if WWE would go all the way with Jinder’s push and give him the title.

Randy Orton wasted absolutely no time bringing the fight to Jinder, as he brawled with him outside of the ring before the bell even rang. Eventually Jinder got in the ring, and the referee called for the bell to start the match.

At one point Randy Orton assaulted The Signh Brothers outside the ring, then Jinder slammed Orton’s shoulder into the ring post twice. Mahal threw Orton back in the ring then he following him back inside the squared circle and Orton hit him with an RKO. Orton was too slow to get the pin and The Signh Brothers pulled Mahal out of the ring.

Orton then set up the Singh Brothers from a double middle rope DDT, and Jinder hit him from behind with his finisher to win the match.