It was time for WWE Backlash. But WWE’s main roster has a lot to follow after last night’s amazing NXT TakeOver: Chicago event. Let’s be honest though, it will be a miracle if they can top it.

It’s almost counter-productive at this point to make the main roster follow TakeOver. Those developmental talents are always grabbing brass rings. After they’re done with the WWE Network, there don’t seem to be any rings left to get.

Backlash was in Chicago and the fans were pumped for a great show. The card was full of possibility. AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens and Breezango vs The Usos were exciting additions. Shinsuke Nakamura was finally making his main roster debut and that was enough to tune in for.

But probably the most surprising match was for the WWE Championship featuring a challenging Jinder Mahal. His push practically came out of nowhere and might seem like something out of a fan fiction. But with The Singh Brothers helping him out, the numbers game could see Randy Orton dropping that title.

Kickoff Show

Aiden English vs Tye Dillinger

Aiden English clearing his throat is his own “don’t you dare be sour”… nice. He’s singing his entire promos now so it looks like the Maestro Of Mayhem is back to his old gimmick. He’s got a great voice for a pro wrestler too. English is a heat magnet.

As much as people hated to hear English trash talk his hometown of Chicago, they loved seeing Tye Dillinger. I can’t wait until jackets with a super high light-up collars become a trend in popular culture. WWE fans will be able to trace the genesis of the fashion fad back to The Perfect 10.

English and Dillinger wrestled around for a bit, and Dillinger had a few chances to do his “10” taunt. Everyone in the arena chanted “10” along with him. It’s ridiculous how super popular he is already.

Tye got the early advantage by besting Aiden English around every turn. He threw up 10 fingers and got super babyface heat every time he did it.

English gained an advantage and stomped Tye down in the corner. He slid across the ring and then ran in with an elbow splash to nail Dillinger in the face. Aiden kept stomping Tye in the corner and transitioned it into a standing rear chin lock. Tye tried to hulk up and broke the hold, but English brought him to  a seated position.

“You can’t help him” English sang at the crowd. That was awesome. Aiden’s tights look like the Starry Night Van Gogh painting. That was a nice touch. He’s hella cultured.

Tye mounted English in the corner and delivered 10 punches as the crowd counted loudly. English rolled outside and used the top rope as a weapon on his way back in. He missed a top rope move and so did Tye Dillinger in return.

English hit a powerful move and got a two-count. He started to get upset, but English reset himself scoop slammed Dillinger. He climbed to the top, but missed a senton.

Dillinger quickly got Aiden English up and nailed him with the Tye Breaker. 1-2-3 and The Perfect 10 won. So, if Tye is going to debut his own version of The People’s Elbow like he’s been doing at live shows it didn’t happen at Backlash.

Main Show

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler

It was a very good idea to put this match on first so they can get it out of the way. It can get the crowd as hot as possible and then they can simmer afterward. Hopefully, they can maintain the energy for the rest of the night.

Dolph got a pretty big pop, but it might have just been the fact that people were excited because they knew Nakamura’s match was coming up. During Dolph’s entrance, they introduced the German and Spanish announce team and all I can think is that both of those tables are destined to be broken sometime tonight.

People cheered at the silence in between Ziggler and Shinsuke’s entrance music. Huge “Nakamura” chants busted out and they place popped loud when the lights went out. WWE must not have wanted to bring in Nakamura’s usual violin player because they went right to his standard entrance. But nothing can compare to so many people singing Nakamura’s theme song. It was excellent.

Dolph sat on the announce table and checked his invisible watch during Nakamura’s entrance. He didn’t seem impressed.

Huge “Nakamura” chants were blaring before the bell rang. These guys should have worked well together because they’ve been mixing it up in dark matches and on the road recently.

The two wrestled around for a bit and traded waist locks. Then Nakamura broke free. They locked up again and Diggler backed Shinsuke into the corner. Then he slapped Shinsuke. That didn’t make him too happy, as Nakamura took Ziggler down with an armbar and a kick.

Dolph returned the armbar favor and brought Nakamura to his knees. Nakamura returned the return of his favor and got his own armbar.

Nakamura motioned for him to bring it and Ziggler ran at Nakamura and Shinsuke knocked him down and dropped a knee drop. Shinsuke hit the Good Vibrations corner move that doesn’t look like it hurts, it’s just entertaining.

Dolph went outside and Nakamura followed him. Ziggler caught him coming back in and hit a neckbreaker. Ziggler pulled on Nakamura’s hair and started digging at Shinsuke’s eyes. He took him down with a headlock and told the ref to “ask him!”

They held the headlock in for a little bit and chants of “Ziggler sucks” started to ring out. Nakamura got to his feet and rolled Ziggler off of him. Dolph came back with a dropkick and got a two-count.

As Nakamura checked his jaw from the dropkick, Ziggler punched him the face. Then Dolph landed a jumping elbow drop and got a two count. “I’m the man!” Dolph yelled as the crowd gave him generous heat. “You see me boy?!” Ziggler yelled as he headbutted Nakamura and went to throw him into the ropes.

Nakamura returned with a knee to Ziggler’s midsection and took him down with another kick.

Nakamura started to unload on Ziggler and landed a couple stiff knees. He hit the running knee on Ziggler and also hit him with the one where he lays his opponent across the top rope. Ziggler was getting his first official dose of Strong Style and he didn’t seem to like it.

Ziggler poked his eyes and rolled Nakamura up for a two count. Nakamura caught a triangle choke, but Dolph got into the ropes with his legs and the ref made him break the hold.

Shinsuke went to lift Dolph up, but Ziggler caught Nakamura with a brutal DDT for a two count after that and both men were on the mat.

Nakamura kicked Dolph and went for another one, but Dolph dodged it and hit a Fameasser for a close two-count. Nakamura clutched his left shoulder as Ziggler held his right shoulder.

Ziggler got to his feet first and looked like he was ready for the match to end. He started his own version of Sweet Chin Music and started stomping on the mat, he hit a Zig-Zag on Nakamura. 1-2-kickout!

Dolph got up and tried to set Nakamura up for a piledriver but Nakamura got out of it and just started kicking Ziggler really hard. Shinsuke landed a kick to the back of the neck and tried for a reverse exploder suplex but Dolph landed on his feet. Ziggler connected with a kick to the back of Nakamura’s neck in return and got a two count.

Ziggler kept savagely kicking Nakamura and then Shinsuke grabbed his leg. Ziggler spit in Nakamura’s face and that got him angry. He wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Nakamura got Ziggler down and landed some stiff knee shots then Ziggler crawled to the ropes and Nakamura followed with similar destruction. Nakamura ran on the apron and landed a knee then climbed up to the top rope.

He missed the top rope Kinsasha but ended up hitting an exploder suplex that landed that time. Nakamura primed himself for a Kinsasha and hit it right in Ziggler’s face. Right in the face. I’m willing to bet that would be a strange picture for Dolph to use on Tinder from now on.

Anyway, Nakamura covered The Show Off and picked up his first televised win on WWE’s main roster.

The Usos vs Breezango (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

One of the best parts of this match was the fact that they played one of the outstanding episodes of The Fashion Files. Breezango is hilarious and just about everything they said is a punchline. People don’t realize how hard that is to do. Let’s hope these Fashion Files segments continue because they’re some of the best recurring segments we’ve seen in a long time.

Breezango were super over in their entrance. Tyler Breeze was dressed in his janitor disguise complete with mop and bucket. He mopped his way to the ring like Kenny Omega sweeps. Wonder if that was an intentional homage.

Jimmy and Fandango started off the match and Dango immediately locked in a headlock that was turned into a sequence ending with Dango nailing a dropkick. Breeze wanted the tag and he brought the mop in to mop the ring. The ref didn’t take away the foreign object, he just let him use to mop to trip Jimmy. The crowd chanted “mop! mop! mop!”

Breeze pumped his mop in the air and got a huge pop. Then Jey jumped in and superkicked him in the face. He broke the mop and got huge heat. Jey climbed to the top rope and Breeze rolled away. Then he climbed to the other turnbuckle and Breeze rolled away again. That continued until it was just a genius comedy bit in a wrestling match. Breeze jumped up and nailed a kick for a two count. This match was just brilliant.

Dango got the tag and Jimmy came in the wrestle him. He chopped Fandango across the chest, but couldn’t quite get Dango to fall back on a sunset flip. Fandango swiveled his hips and hit a leg drop.

Sudden Breeze was dressed like an old lady. He got in the ring with a cane as the crowd chanted “let’s go grandma!” This was just hilarious. Breeze landed a dropkick and then flashed what was under his dress (it was Breeze’s usual wrestling tights).

But Breeze got dropkicked into tomorrow twice for his troubles. Jimmy caught him with a hip attack in the corner and ripped off Breeze’s dress. He threw it at JBL’s head and he said: “last time that happened to me, I paid for it.”

Dango got the tag and started cleaning up house. He got a two count and jumped out of Jimmy’s way when he went for a splash in the corner. Dango hit a DDT and got a two count. He tagged in Breeze who was in his older tights with the tassels. The Usos hit their sick double team backbreaker deal they do and got a two count on Tyler.

Tyler got out of the way of a superkick and one Uso ended up kicking the other in the gooch when they were trying for a double team move. Then Tyler jumped on both Usos and they caught him to throw him into the barricade. Dango hit a sick plancha on both of them.

The moved back into the ring and Fandango went for a top rope leg drop to cap it off, but one Uso grabbed his foot while the other got up and superkicked him. Dango fell to the mat and was pinned 1-2-3 and the Usos retain at Backlash.

That was so disappointing. WWE really should have popped with Breezango, unless they plan on building their title hunt story. Those guys certainly deserve it. That match was brilliant.

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

They’re using everyone they can to put Baron Corbin in the position where he is a legit top heel. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on top of the roster within the next year at the pace he’s moving. The Lone Wolf had a legit competitor in Sami Zayn though.

Zayn tried for a test of strength, but Baron just batted his hand away. Corbin don’t play that. He backed Sami in the corner and then backed off really quickly. The two traded some light submission holds and Baron backed him into the corner again.

Corbin backed Zayn into the ropes and landed a forearm to the face. Zayn jumped over Corbin, and then took him out with a spinning hurricanrana. Corbin rolled outside, and Zayn went to dive on him, but Baron moved and Zayn just flipped around instead.

Baron took another drop kick later on and rolled out of the ring. Zayn held his lower back like it was hurt, and Baron pulled him out of the ring. He threw Sami to the barricade, but Sami jumped on the barricade and landed on Baron.

They moved back to the ring and Baron Corbin took over with some stomps and a backbreaker. Sami looked hurt as The Lone Wolf hovered over him. He tossed Sami into the turnbuckle and slowed the match down considerably.

Sami tried to mount a comeback, but Baron just slapped in a bearhug. Sami escaped, but Baron grabbed him in a bearhug again. “No chance!” Baron Corbin yelled as he wrenched at Sami’s back.

Baron went running for Zayn, but he lowered the bridge and Baron went spilling to the floor. Zayn climbed to the top roped and jumped over Baron when he got back in the ring. Baron caught him and hit a spinebuster for a two count.

Big “Ole” chants broke out and they sounded amazing. That only angered Corbin and he stomped on Zayn and yelled: “that’s what you’re cheering for!”

“I told you to stay down!” Baron yelled in Sami’s face before striking him again. Of course, Zayn got back up. He’s like a Chumbawumba song.

Baron went to the ropes and Sami caught him with a stiff clothesline. “Ow!” Baron yelled. When he got back up Sami hit him with a couple more strikes and followed it with a top rope crossbody block.

Baron punched Sami in the throat and then went for a running move on Zayn but ran around him and the ring post to come in the ring and hit him with a clothesline. He did that move to Randy three times before taking an RKO the third time.

Corbin punched Zayn in the back again and he hit the mat. Baron got him up and hit The Underdog From The Underground with a big backbreaker. 1-2-kickout!

Corbin placed Sami on the top rope and climbed up to join him. Corbin looked like he was trying for a superplex, but Zayn fought out of it and hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Corbin from the top for a two count.

Sami tried to get Corbin up but got a punch to the face. Zayn took control back and tried for a DDT, Baron blocked it and then Sami tried to get an exploder suplex, but Baron muscled out of that too. Baron Corbin hit his Deep 6 signature move for another two count. Now Baron Corbin looked pissed.

Baron stomped down on Sami and then hammered away at him with some elbows and forearms. Zayn’s face was beat red when Corbin charged at him again. Baron went running and fell outside. Baron Corbin came back inside and was thrown to the turnbuckle.

Sami Zayn hit the Helluka Kick out of nowhere. 1-2-3 and Sami Zayn just beat Baron Corbin. That was a shocking decision, to say the least. But it will hopefully be a decision that will continue to see this feud grow. After all, these two guys worked incredibly well against each other.

Backstage Segment

A limo pulls up and The Singh Brothers get out of the front with a rolled up rug. They lay it out and clean it off while taking the utmost care. Then they knock on the limo’s door and Jinder Mahal comes out.

The Maharaja spoke about the haters in Chicago and told them he would turn the world of haters and discriminators into believers. He said he is the modern day Maharaja and capped off his heat-filled promo in Punjabi.

Naomi, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch vs Natalya, Carmella, and Tamina

James Ellsworth came out and called the crowd sausages and said he’s the Michael Jordan of sports entertainment. Then he introduced The Welcoming Committee. James Ellsworth had way more heat than any of the three women he was with put together. People hate his gimmick and by best estimation, it just sounded like they didn’t care much for any of the heels in the match.

Charlotte Flair got a ton of “woos” during her entrance. Becky Lynch looked like she had a mohawk going with her hair and she got a very good reaction as well. But nothing compares to The Glow. Naomi’s entrance is just outstanding and she really does turn the entire arena into a rave every time she comes to the ring.

Naomi’s entrance is the only time the lights go out for any woman on the main roster (because there’s also Nikki Cross from SAnitY in NXT). Anyway, it seems Naomi keeps figuring out little things to do or wear that makes her entrance so much better.

Tamina and Becky started off the match. Tamina roughed her up a little bit to assert her dominance. Then Beckels used her speed and ability to try some things. But Tamia used her brute strength and stopped an offense from the Lass Kicker. Nattie got the tag and then Becky took over. Charlotte got the tag and the two leaders of their teams mixed it up a bit.

Charlotte hit a few chops and landed a running knee drop. Charlotte flipped over the rope and landed a kick from the apron. Carmella distracted her and gave Nattie a chance to down her with a kick. Tamina got the tag and then Carmella quickly got in. They tagged in and out for a bit all taking turns on Charlotte.

Finally, Carmella stayed in and took Carmella down with a headlock. Carm threw up her foot on the turnbuckle and threw Charlotte’s face into it. Then Naomi to tag and started to light Carmella up with kicks. Naomi went for her turnbuckle move, but Tamina distracted her. Carmella took control over the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

With Naomi sitting at the turnbuckle, Carmella did a moonwalk and hit a bronco buster without the busting. Tamina got the tag and kept the pressure on Naomi. The Glow started to fight out but was taken down by Tamina for her troubles.

Carm got the tag back and traded off to Nattie. Naomi shut down a double team move and Nattie took a shot at Charlotte who was still standing on the apron. Charlotte tried to get to her corner, but Tamina stopped her. Just when she was about to get the tag, Carmella pulled Charlotte off the apron.

The heels kept up the pressure on Naomi until she countered Nattie’s dropkick and tagged in Becky Lynch. The Lass Kicker cleaned house and nothing makes me miss Mauro Ranallo more than when Becky Lynch is throwing forearms.

Lynch dropkicked Tamina off the apron but ended up in a sharpshooter from Nattie. She countered it into a Dis-Arm Her, then Carm came in to break it up. Charlotte attacked Carmella and chaos broke out for a moment.

Nattie and Becky were in the ring and Nattie kicked out of a roll up, then Tamina distracted her. Natalya locked in the sharpshooter for real this time and after some looks of torture in Becky Lynch’s face, she tapped to the submission hold. This match was all Becky Lynch’s idea anyway.

It looks like The Welcoming Committee had a good meeting of the minds in Chicago.

Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles (United States Championship)

AJ Styles received a tremendous ovation during his entrance. That was no bid secret though because everybody loves The Phenomenal One. But on that same token, The Face Of America, Kevin Owens received a pretty good pop too.

There were huge “AJ Styles” chants before the match even started. They went to mix it up quickly, but KO backed off suddenly. He backed AJ against the corner and Styles switched it on him. KO went for the right leg of AJ, but he dodged his takedown attempt.

Styles applied a headlock until Owens tossed him against the ropes. AJ rolled KO up for a quick kick out. KO applied a headlock and held AJ as the crowd chanted for Styles.

AJ looked like he was going to hit a dropkick, and Owens rolled out of the ring. While AJ rolled outside, Kevin rolled back in. Kevin backed up and allowed AJ to get back in the ring. Amazing ring psychology. “Stupid idiot” chants rose out in the arena. The announcers said Chris Jericho probably has a smile somewhere with that chant when in reality Fozzy was performing in Morgantown, WV that night. They had the theme to Three’s Company on their set list. Come and knock on our door maaaaan.

AJ was thrown into the corner but threw an elbow back to hit Owens. Kevin turned it around and landed a sick clothesline to Styes for a two count. “And that’s why I’m that champ!” Kevin shouted with his arms outstretched.

He held AJ down with a headlock to keep up the pressure. KO hit a DDT and three sentons but Styles was still in the match. Owens applied another headlock to slow down AJ Styles.

Styles tried to pry Kevin’s arm out from around his neck, but Owens just threw him to the mat. AJ jumped up and landed a kick to Kevin’s head and that just seemed to make him angry. The traded shots in the middle of the ring for a moment until AJ took control with some kicks and then landed a clothesline and a forearm to a seated Owens. 1-2-kick out.

Styles said “come on” and Owens got up to take a forearm to the face. Owens hit the mat face-first and Styles was in control. 1-2-kick out. AJ tried for a Styles Clash but Owens squirmed out of it.  Neckbreaker from Styes and he got another two count.

AJ tried for another Styles Clash, but KO turned it into a backdrop. KO ran into a back elbow from AJ but hit a superkick and a stiff neckbreaker of his own for a two count.

Kevin pulled AJ up by the hair and tossed him into the rope. But he ran right into a right hand. KO used the top rope to avoid another move from AJ and pushed him out onto the floor.

Owens then climbed to the top turnbuckle, but AJ met him up there. Owens found himself hanging there and AJ looked like he was going to set up a Styes Clash from the apron. Kevin got out of that one too and threw Styles into the ring steps to save himself.

KO posted up in the ring and hit a cannonball to AJ as he sat in the corner. He wrapped AJ’s right leg in the rope and hit another cannonball on only AJ’s right leg. After that, he got Styles in a single crab submission focusing only on AJ’s damaged leg. KO turned it into an ankle lock on his right leg and then climbed to the second rope and pulled AJ up with him.

KO got AJ up in a fireman’s carry on the top rope, but Styles got out of it and landed a sunset powerbomb from the top. Then AJ posted up on the apron in preparation to hit a Phenomenal Forearm. AJ jumped up to hit the move, but his leg gave out and KO hit a DDT for a two count.

Kevin started yelling “stay down! this is my title!” as he slapped AJ in the face. Then Styles hit a Pele Kick out of nowhere. AJ put KO on the top rope and tried to hit a superplex, but KO turned it into a move of his own. Both men went crashing to the mat. It was a brutal move. 1-2-kick out!

KO climbed to the top rope while AJ was on the mat. AJ rolled out to the apron, and KO got down. Owens grabbed AJ and went to hit a brainbuster on the apron or something but AJ reversed it into a suplex on the apron. That’s the hardest part of the ring!

KO sent AJ flying into the timekeeper’s area as the crowd chanted “we want tables.” AJ came out of nowhere with a jumping forearm off of the barricade. He got Owens up on the table and looked like he was going for a Styles Clash through the table, but AJ’s leg fell through one of the monitor openings in the table. I’ve always wondered how long it would be until that happened to someone!

AJ was stuck in the table’s hole and the referee counter to 10. Kevin Owens won this fantastic match via count out. As JBL said, it’s a cheap way to win, but it’s a win.

Owens went outside and kicked AJ in the head while he was trying to get his leg unlodged from the hole in the table. KO clutched his United States Title like it was his baby and headed toward the exit.

Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan is like he came out of a pro wrestling arthouse film at this point. He’s creepy and speaks in strange riddles and poetic intuition. Luke Harper is just down to business and wants to rough people up. It’s a good mix. They’re both huge dudes.

Erick took advantage early on and backed his former brother in the corner for some chops. Harper returned the favor and climbed up to the top rope, but Rowan pushed him off. They took it to the outside and Rowan ended up getting his head bounced off a couple announce tables.

Harper hit him with a suicide dive and when Rowan got back in, he caught him with a senton from the apron for a two count.

The two traded big moves for a bit and seemed evenly matched. After all, they spent a lot of time getting familiar with each other’s styles while part of the same team for all those years.

Rowan tried another big move, but Harper turned it into a pin for a two-count. They traded stiff shots and JBL said they were hitting hard enough to knock out a dinosaur.

Harper hit two superkicks to Rowan and it just seemed to hype Erick up. The sheep mask lover went bouncing off the ropes but was hit with a Discus Clothesline from Harper. Even though Luke didn’t quite nail him the way he would have, he still pinned him for the three count.

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship Match)

Jinder Mahal was actually way more over than one would expect. He looked mean and ready to battle. He was flanked by his associates, The Singh Brothers who haven’t been in an actual match yet in their WWE main roster run. But as The Bollywood Boyz, those Singh Brothers had some skills. I can only assume putting them in button-up shirts doesn’t diminish their ring ability in the slightest.

Randy Orton got a decent pop when his music hit and fans in the All State Arena seemed happy to see him. You would have thought that Orton’s “….dive” comment would have gotten him a little bit more heat than that.

Randy jumped Jinder in the middle of the ring introductions and didn’t waste any time getting an early advantage. The bell hadn’t even rang and he was tossing Mahal over the announce table.

Orton pulled Mahal on the table as he reigned down on his forehead with stiff punches. “Randy” chants broke out as the bell finally rang. The Maharaja looked pissed as the referee asked him if he wanted to continue the match after the attack before the bell.

Randy took the fight back to Mahal and Jinder didn’t have much he could do but block an RKO attempted. It looked like Orton’s veteran knowledge was running over Jinder Mahal in a big way.

Jinder rolled outside and was taken out by a stiff clothesline. Orton walked up to apply more damage, but Jinder sent him into the LED board on the side of the ring.

Mahal tied Randy up in a submission hold in the middle of the ring for a bit, but Orton got out of it quickly. Mahal knocked Orton down and applied another submission hold to The Viper.

Loud chants of “let’s go Jinder/Jinder sucks” came out and you could tell Mahal was shocked to hear that kind of response. Randy took control back over and Garvin stomped Jinder a bit then followed it up with a European uppercut.

Mahal hit an arm breaker and Randy rolled around in pain. Mahal hit a knee drop to Orton’s chest. That was a vicious looking move.

Mahal tried to keep Orton down with an armbar, but Randy got back to his feet. Loud chants of “let’s go Jinder/Jinder sucks” broke out again as Randy threw Jinder over the top rope. Orton followed it up by suplexing his opponent onto the announce desk. The table didn’t break though. Jinder just bounces off of it and onto the floor which probably hurt more.

Mahal turned things around as Randy was getting back in the ring and stomped on him. The Singh Brothers cheered him on as Jinder slapped on another submission hold. He held the submission until Orton went a little limp, but not too limp. The referee never started raising his arm to check for consciousness or anything. But Jinder had the hold on tight.

Randy got back to his feet and drove Jinder into the corner. He tossed Jinder into the other corner and dodged a reversal charge to see Mahal taking the ring post to the shoulder.

Randy pulled Jinder up from the apron and rammed his head into the turnbuckle. Randy got up on the ropes and brought Jinder up with him. Just when Randy was about to hit a superplex, Mahal hit him off.

Randy knocked Mahal off the ropes and racked him in between the legs with the turnbuckle. Orton climbed up and finally landed the superplex. That was a long way down seeing how tall Orton is anyway. 1-2-kick out!

They exchanged strikes for a couple of moments and Orton took him down with a clothesline and then hit his signature powerslam. He might have the best powerslam in the business right now. 1-2- kick out.

Suddenly, The Maharaja punched Orton in the throat and landed a neck breaker for a two count. Orton reversed an Irish whip and hit a back breaker. Mahal crawled to the apron and Orton latched on his patented DDT through the ropes. Orton didn’t pin, instead, he walked around the ring and surveyed the crowd. Then he went down to his hands and knees to hype himself up for an RKO.

Suddenly Jinder rolled to the outside. The Singh Brothers surrounded Orton and he easily dispatched with them like they were J&J Security 2.0. Mahal got thrown back in the ring and Randy hit an RJO. But the Singh Brothers pulled Jinder out of the ring before Orton could make a pin.

The Viper walked around and then punished each Singh Brother separately using the announce tables as a weapon of choice. Mahal was still down and Orton wasn’t done with the Singh Brothers. He hit the Singh Brothers with a double vintage DDT through the ropes just in time for Jinder Mahal to sneak up from behind and hit his Khallas finisher.

1-2-3 and Jinder Mahal is the new WWE Champion. Fans in Chicago were all holding their heads and shocked. Jinder Mahal held up his new championship with pride and fury as his Cinderella story came to a victorious end.

The Maharaja went out into the crowd and held up his new title in victory to rub it the crowd’s filthy Ameican faces. We can only assume the Punjabi commentary would be much happier and put forth a much more celebratory feel to it.

Remeber on the first season of Total Divas when Eva Marie couldn’t remember the name of a wrestler when she was trying out to be a ring announcer? That man was Jinder Mahal and he was now owns the WWE Championship Title.

Jinder Mahal is the new WWE Champion! India’s money is going to be sweet for WWE just as Impact Wrestling is going over there to film a few weeks of television over there. Jinder Mahal has worked hard to get where he got and he just cemented his place in WWE. For the rest of time, Jinder Mahal is going to be on the list of WWE Champions. He makes a great heel, and he won his title in a crazy match. You can’t hinder Jinder. Vince McMahon is a genius, that’s all I can say.