The WWE main roster recently saw the addition of Tye Dillinger. When he appeared on SmackDown Live we marked out like crazy. He recently debuted a new version of his Tye Breaker that was kind of a mix between the GTS and his OG Tye Breaker finisher. It was pretty nice. We liked it.

WWE fans might see one more new move from Dillinger on television soon. It’s another maneuver that is a mixture of a previously established WWE move meshed brilliantly with his Perfect 10 character. But essentially, Tye Dillinger is now doing The People’s Elbow.

This is kind of a big deal for Tye Dillinger to be honest. It is not only an homage to one of the greatest sports entertainers in history, but if the office lets him add it to his tv arsenal it would be a huge nod to Tye.

You can see a video of him doing the move below. If he calls it “The Perfect Elbow” that would be excellent. But, he’s pulling off the move very well. He’s done it a couple of times now which gives us the impression he’s trying it out. It looks great and the crowd loves it. Of course, it’s an NXT crowd, but we’re sure WWE fans would eat it up too.

Chris Jericho might be out of action due to a DDT on the entrance ramp from Kevin Owens. But he’s okay. Chris Jericho is now off to tour with his band Fozzy. But don’t worry if you miss Jericho on WWE television because he said he’ll be back.

If Y2J is hurting, we can’t tell by how he performs with his band. Fozzy puts on one heck of a show and fans at the Lunatic Luau in Virginia Beach, VA got to see Fozzy kick off their tour.

Chris Jericho takes the stage like the larger than life person he is. If you think he’s over the top on the mic in a WWE ring, just watch him rock out on stage. Melt your face off maaaaaan.