Chris Jericho has some great fans. He also has amazing talent, so that helps. Y2J is currently taking a break from the ring so he can pursue his other passion of rock n roll music. He is the Ayatolla of Rock n Rolla after all. His band, Fozzy is currently making their way around the country on a whirlwind tour. They’re promoting their music like crazy and it looks like it’s paying off. Fozzy’s music video for their song “Judas” has recently reached a milestone of two million views on YouTube.

In case you haven’t seen the video yet, we’ve embedded it below. It’s a great old-school rock n roll video. It really falls in line with what Fozzy is all about. We love it and we’re obviously not the only ones because more and more people seem to be watching it every day.

Chris Jericho really shines in the front man role. Of course, he’s never been one to play in the background without drawing much attention to himself. It’s hard to hide that kind of ability.

If Fozzy is coming to a city near you, we highly suggest you check them out. Not only because you’d be supporting rock music or Chris Jericho, but also because they’re highly entertaining.

It’s nice to know however popular Fozzy gets that we’ll be seeing Chris Jericho back in a WWE ring sooner than later. WWE certainly misses him, that’s for sure.

Team DIY and Candice LeRae recently danced for the camera. That’s the short version. The long version is Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and his wife Candice LaRae are getting into the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” craze and getting down with one of the stars of the movie.

Tommaso Ciampa recently uploaded a video on his Twitter of himself and Mr. and Mrs. Gargano cutting a rug. It’s pretty enjoyable, especially how Johnny Wrestling attempts to mimic dancing like a tree.