WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about the Shawn Michaels/AJ Styles rumors, Hell in a Cell and more. You can check out the full entry here along with some highlights below.

If Shawn Michaels will face AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble: “The odds of Shawn Michaels wrestling at the Royal Rumble vs AJ Styles is a definite long shot as HBK has stressed to me on multiple occasions  including the Ross Report podcast that he’s done with in ring activities in the wrestling biz. However, Shawn is a ‘company man’ and if WWE really needed a main event that could move a large amount of tickets in San Antonio at the Alamo Dome, I think that HBK would consider the company’s request.”

Sasha and Charlotte possibly main eventing Hell in a Cell: “Is there any reason that WWE should not place the Charlotte vs Sasha HIAC, Women’s Title match on last at the event in Boston? I can’t find any issues with that concept as it would be a good, additional ‘hook’ to the show that has a chance to land a significant amount of viewers on the WWE Network.”

A possible Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar match: “Congrats to Bobby Lashley on another impressive win Friday night in Memphis on Spike TV’s broadcast of Bellator MMA. I see potential, big money in a  Lashley vs Lesnar bout some day in a WWE ring. It’s organic, logical and easy to promote and the training vignettes would be stellar. Lashley’s tenure in TNA, along with his peers there, has to be in some jeopardy based on all the legal issues that are billowing out of the Nashville company that appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy or so we are told.”