WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog where he talks about AJ Styles, a possible heel turn for Roman Reigns and more. You can check out the full entry here along with some highlights below.

Thoughts on AJ Styles: “It seems easy to predict that by year’s end, if not before, that AJ Styles will be WWE’s most popular in ring star as the grass roots feedback that AJ is receiving from WWE fans should resonate as legit, market research. It’s hard for highly skilled, physical talents who do amazing athletic things, like AJ and Neville, for example, to be able to get the fans in mass to boo them. What’s not to like? The reaction of the paying customers should rank as the best market research a company like WWE can receive.”

Uncreative finishes: “Anyone who thinks that in today’s world of pro wrestling that non finishes such as disqualifications and count outs resonate the same as they once did is borderline Pet Coon Goofy. Uncreative booking and attempting to appease talents who have issues losing adversely affect the presentation of pro wrestling IMO.”

A possible heel turn for Roman Reigns: “When talents who are positioned as fan favorites and who currently are booed on a regular basis, one potential remediy might be for the talents to wrestle as ‘villains’ to better fit their individual presentations. Steve Austin wrestled as a ‘rough, baby face’ in his biggest years and it resonated for him.This might work for Roman Reigns, for example, who might be better served to not over react to the reaction of the fans and do his business, be physical and athletic and let the cards fall where they may.”