Remember the last time Jeff Hardy fell in the ring while doing the Hardy pose? Well, it happened again. This time it occurred while on the overseas tour in Belfast, Ireland.

We’re not sure if Jeff is going to make this a regular thing that he’s been trying out at live shows, but it’s certainly entertaining. Now we can start taking bets on whether or not Jeff will throw his arm so high in the air that he falls on his face.

This is a very funny video, but regardless of how many times Jeff falls, the fact is The Hardy Boyz are back and they’re Raw Tag Team Champions. That’s amazing.

WWE will soon be on their way to London where they tape Raw at the O2 Arena. Let’s hope Jeff Hardy is able to stay on his feet during the show. But if he does fall, at least they have the luxury of editing it out if they need to. They might be editing a lot of boos for Roman Reigns, so why not add that to the list?

Speaking of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman put a hurting to him at Payback. If WWE was trying to create a sympathetic babyface by booking the match that way, the “thank you Strowman” chants from the crowd told a much different story.

But Braun and Roman are continuing their heated rivalry around the globe. They recently clashed and went for a table spot they’ve been closing their matches with. Only it didn’t turn out as planned.

Watch the video below and wonder how they didn’t break the table. At least they saved a table. Those things don’t grow on trees after all.


  1. Yes, he’s doing it almost every night at live events… how could anyone – with a basic wrestling knowledge – think these (regularly repeated and at the same point) falls are legit? Hands hit the mat, not head. lol