The WWE roster has been on an international tour recently. They’ve entertained fans in twice as many hot spots around the globe because of their split rosters. That’s worked out pretty well for them. Among other cities, the SmackDown brand was in Spain performing in a bullring and the Raw brand was in Dublin, Ireland.

Sheamus took advantage of being in Ireland to visit home and brought a very close friend with him, tag team partner Cesaro. These two have gotten very close since Mick Foley put them together. That turned out to be the right decision. They’re great rivals but a better team.

Sheamus said Cesaro loves his home city so much he’s thinking about changing nationalities. Although Cesaro denied that fact. But Sheamus got to visit his home, family, and friends. They obviously enjoyed every minute of it too.

The point is brought up about how much the European wrestlers have to sacrifice when they go to WWE. Sheamus said wrestlers like himself uprooted themselves and moved around the globe to follow their dream. The European wrestling scene has produced some great wrestlers in WWE, so we’re really glad they made the sacrifice.

Sheamus said he took Cesaro home with him to meet his family. Now Sheamus’ family calls him, “Uncle Cesaro” and I think we should start doing that too. Uncle Cesaro had a great time and said Sheamus “opened up his doors” for him at his home.

There are a couple of interesting things to point out in this video. One is the fact the two are wearing matching Groot shirts in different colors. That’s cute. Another interesting fact is Sheamus called The Hardys, “The Broken Hardys or whatever they are.” This is an official WWE video. That makes us wanna go “hmmmm.”

Sheamus and Uncle Cesaro had a great time on this European tour, but they’re still very focused on the Raw Tag Team Championships. They want those titles back so they can continue this awesome bromance.