jeff hardy

The Hardy Boyz recently returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, and they’re already on top of the tag team division as they’re the current Raw Tag Team Champions. The brothers seem thrilled to be back in WWE, and the fans think it’s absolutely delightful that The Hardy Boyz are now on Raw every week.

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Luckily Matt and Jeff Hardy aren’t just appearing on television, as they’re also booked for upcoming WWE live events, and they spent the weekend doing what they do best inside the squared circle. Unfortunately Jeff had a little mishap inside the ring.

While the Raw Tag Team Champions were posing for the fans after their match, Matt and Jeff Hardy decided to do a little celebrating inside the ring, but Jeff celebrated a little too hard. As Jeff Hardy threw his hand up in the air he ended up sending himself flying into the mat.

It looks like Jeff Hardy was just having a little fun inside the ring, and luckily he wasn’t hurt. You can check out the video below.

Broken Matt Hardy spent most of 2016 trying to eradicate the “spot monkey” that lives inside Brother Nero, but as Matt stated in the tweet below, he can’t take the nefarious Brother Nero anywhere.