Chris Jericho is a jack of all trades and you ever know where he could end up next. Jericho had an amazing match against Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12 and after attacking Naito a very short time later at an NJPW event there was speculation he would become more involved in New Japan.

When I had the chance to speak to Jericho last month he told me that he didn’t have any plans of working with NJPW again and it looked like the deal was over with between the two.

“Yeah you know it was a good idea,” Jericho said exclusively to Still Real To Us. “It was good when it happened — we had a blast but sometimes things just don’t work out. You know, so New Japan was a lot of fun… not to say that I wouldn’t go back there again but as of right now our relationship is pretty much finished at this point.”

But apparently, they were able to work something out because even though Jericho is very busy he is apparently closer to another match with New Japan than once thought.

Chris Jericho was spotted at the Haneda Airport ahead of NJPW’s Fukuoka show. It is expected that he could continue his program with Tetsuya Naito, but who knows what he could be up to at this point?

In case you were wondering how he can appear at the Greatest Royal Rumble one week and then head off to Japan the next to possibly work with another promotion, Jericho’s contract with WWE expired a while ago and his Greatest Royal Rumble appearance was a one-off deal.

We will keep you posted the latest developments concerning Y2J. Whatever he is up to is sure to be exciting because Chris Jericho wouldn’t have it any other way.