In 1982 Memphis Wrestling was host to one of the best angles to ever happen in the sport of professional wrestling. That is because Andy Kaufman, who before that point was only known as a brilliant mind in stand-up and comedic acting plunged into the world of sports entertainment.

Kaufman was involved in an angle in Memphis Wrestling that he was touring around with beforehand where he would invite a woman into a makeshift ring he created with his writer buddy Bob Zmuda usually acting as a referee. Kaufman would flaunt the fact he was the “Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World” and would off $1,000 to any woman who could beat him. Naturally he would win these encounters, and according to Zmuda’s biography about Andy, the “Taxi” star would usually use this chance to whisper sexual advances to his opponents which were generally accepted later on.

Kaufman tried to make his way to the big time and contacted Vince McMahon Sr. about coming to the WWWF, but Sr. declined the offer. Next, Kaufman called Memphis wrestling and thus started the amazing program he had with Jerry Lawler. Until now the only place fans could see this fantastic angle in Memphis Wrestling history was through old VHS tapes and the rare online videos. But now thanks to Jerry Lawler himself, all of that marvelous footage will soon be available on the WWE Network.

In the latest episode of Jerry Lawler’s podcast, Dinner With The King he revealed he now owns all footage from Memphis wrestling consisting of the years 1977 to 1988 and 1996 to present day. Apparently the years in between 1988 and 1996 are filled with controversy as to who owns them. But the important part is the Andy Kaufman program lives within that 1977 to 1988 timeline because Andy sadly passed away in 1984 due to lung cancer. Ironically, Kaufman died of lung cancer even though he never smoked except while portraying the crass anti-hero Tony Clifton.

Jerry “The King” Lawler has said he plans on selling the footage he owns to the WWE Network so it can live forever. This is exciting.

So, if you’re like us and have been clamoring for all the Andy Kaufman Memphis Wrestling footage including all of those spectacular heel promos, then rest easy because it will soon be available for just $9.99 a month. Of course NBC still owns the rights to all the footage from Kaufman and Lawler’s historic Letterman appearances, but those are way easier to find than an uncut Kaufman match.