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WWE recently released a show titled “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” on YouTube and the show has been a big hit with the fans. The series is a parody of 80s wrestling and it stars John Cena, Fandango, Chris Jericho, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Rusev, Lana and more as fictional characters trying to make a name for themselves in the fictional regional wrestling promotion.

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WWE did a great job at keeping the show a secret, as many fans had no idea it was coming until it was actually released. “Southpaw Regional Wrestling” has been getting rave reviews for its humor and creativity, and John Cena recently revealed exactly where the inspiration for the show came from.

The 16 time WWE World Champion was a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” this week and he showered the host with praise as soon as he arrived.

Cena told Fallon he’s a great host, and an inspiration. He reminded him that he did a sketch called “Cupid’s Arrow” a while back which was a parody of an 80s dating show. John said the sketch got people in WWE talking, and they decided to adapt the concept of doing an 80s parody, and according to Cena they owe the idea to Jimmy Fallon.

Cena spent a lot of time hyping up WrestleMania 33 during his appearance on the show and he also participated in The Whisper Challenge.

During the segment John Cena put headphones on and tried to guess what Jimmy Fallon was saying by reading his lips. As if John wasn’t already good at everything he does, he got the first answer correct and according to Jimmy Fallon, he’s the only contestant to ever get the answer right on the first try.

Cena completely nailed his second answer as well and you can see how it all went down in the video below.