No one can wrestle forever and it seems that at least one former WWE star has decided to hang up the boots for good, as Kimber Lee announced her retirement on social media.

Kimber Lee first started making appearances on NXT in December of 2016 and it was reported shortly after that she signed a deal with WWE. She went on to use the name Abbey Laith and she competed in the Mae Young Classic tournament. In March of 2018 it was revealed that she had been released from her WWE contract.

In 2020 she went on to compete in Impact Wrestling, but she finished up with the company in 2022 and now it appears that she’s done with in-ring competition. In addition to WWE and Impact Wrestling she also worked with various promotions throughout her career including CZW, Shimmer, Chikara and more.

Kimber Lee issued the following statement announcing her retirement:

“I know that I am coming completely from left field for some of you, and that is understandable as have been rallying as if a comeback is on the way. But that is not the case. I have been deeply working on myself this past year, coming to terms with some very harsh realities, and learning a lot about myself and who I am in the process.”

“I originally thought that this was just going to be a break from wrestling. That after some time I would be ready to put my heart into this again and come back better than I have ever been before. But the thing is, the more I think about it, the more I come to realize that my heart is not in this anymore. Kimber Lee brings me instant heartache and anxiety, not the butterflies and joy that once was. There are too many painful wounds that come with going back into this world, and I am not willing to give those wounds my power or dominion over my life anymore.”

“With that being said, I will no longer be. Taking active bookings for the foreseeable future. Kimber is going to step away from the squared circle, and Kimberly Frankele is going out into the world, ready to become something amazing. I know I am being called into my healing abilities, and will be continuing to step forward in that space and I would love to have as many of you as I can along for that journey. When you close one door, you give yourself the opportunity to open up any new door you choose. I have lives to change and heal, and this is my first official step into my true self.”

“As the real me. love you all so much, and with this, the Princess takes her final bow.

Let the curtain fall…”