luke gallows

There aren’t many Tag Team wrestlers in WWE right now who can boast the credentials that Luke Gallows has when it comes to that division. Having won championships all over the world, Gallows returned to WWE back in 2016 and has since added a Raw Tag Team Champion alongside Karl Anderson to his collection as well.

As decorated as Gallows is at this point in his career, it seems that just like every other wrestler he was once stuck on the independent circuit trying to find a way to make it to WWE.

Gallows recently appeared on The Steve Austin Show where he was asked about how he was first signed by WWE.

He said:  “I called Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Ace every week, like, ‘Hey guys, you should probably hire me – I’m pretty good.’ I was having the bulls–t matches in West Virginia against guys in furniture stores and stuff! Terrible! So finally they were opening Deep South and I think they needed to fill it and I wouldn’t leave them alone, so I somehow got my ass in there after three years of terrible indies.”

It seems that when it comes to being signed by the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, persistence is key. Of course, Gallows isn’t in the greatest position on the Raw roster right now, but he currently holds a position that many other wrestlers around the world could only dream of.