Elias is getting more over every week and it seems when The Drifter plays the guitar it’s becoming a highlight of many WWE shows.

Fans recently got to enjoy Elias covering Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and it was a rather surprising cover to hear come out of The Drifter.

But it only makes us wonder what other covers he has tucked away that he could bust out at live shows that aren’t televised so WWE doesn’t have to pay any royalties to the original artist.

The crowd sang along in full-force to this cover and it seemed to go over very well. Only time will tell just how great 2018 is going to be for the man who was lucky to have a five-minute match in NXT but is now tangling with John Cena for twenty-five minutes on Christmas Day.

Heath Slater has kids and it looks like he was recently locked in an airplane bathroom too which is always fun… for everyone but Slater.

As the Raw crew headed to their big New Years Day show it looks like Slater had something to worry about other than if he’ll be used on the program. Airplane lavatories are always a tricky place to be because nobody really wants to be in them. They’re cramped, can smell bad, and of course, the door is always a source of frustration as well. But all of that seemed to come together for Slater because he seemed to be locked in his little restroom in the sky for an extended stay.

We’re not sure how long Slater was stuck in there, but it was long enough to alert the crew. Nobody seemed to be worrying all that much. But then again, they might have just been having too much fun to be really worried.

Let’s hope Slater got out of the bathroom because he’s currently in a rather interesting storyline with Rhyno as they try to make a tougher One Man Band. One thing’s for sure, being locked in an airplane bathroom is probably enough to add a new layer of callousness to anyone.