The spotlight has been firmly on the Cruiserweight Division over the past few months as Enzo Amore has pushed the 205 roster up to a new level.

One superstar who hasn’t been seen on Monday Night Raw for a number of weeks is Titus Brand member Akira Tozawa, who is a former Cruiserweight Champion in his own right.

Over a decade ago when Tozawa was working in Japan, he was forced to gain a lot of weight so that he could perform with Yuki Ono as the Metabolic Brothers. Weight is always much easier to gain than it is to lose and it seems that over the past 10 years Tozawa has been working hard in the gym and now weighs in at an incredible 156lbs. He then shared an image on his Twitter page of which shows his incredible transformation, something that many of the WWE Universe knew nothing about.

Tozawa may be spending some time awaiting his next rivalry as part of the Cruiserweight Division, but it seems that he is putting in the hours at the gym to ensure that WWE takes him seriously in the future.

WWE is a cosmetic company, and it could be argued that Jinder Mahal’s transformation has helped him to turn heads of WWE executives over the past year, which means that even though losing the weight means that Tozawa is destined to remain as part of the 205 Live roster, it also won’t do him any harm when it comes to WWE booking him for more appearances on Monday Night Raw.

It seems that this latest body transformation post from the Japanese star has earned him worldwide coverage, which is something that WWE will obviously want to cash in on in the near future.

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