finn balor

Since before his debut on the WWE main roster, Finn Balor has proclaimed a “Balor Club” exists. They’ve explained this “club” by saying it consists of any fan in a building where Balor is performing. It’s kind of become like his own “Hulkamaniacs” only it hasn’t received the same merchandising blitz.

But a lot of people have wondered who might be in the physical Balor Club if they ever made the stable a reality on WWE television.

Finn Balor recently spoke to Ringside Collectibles where he was asked a few pretty decent questions and his answers were too sweet as well. Finn Balor said he certainly hopes he can wrestle AJ Styles again and it’s hard to argue this match wouldn’t be enjoyed by plenty of people as well.

Balor was also asked who he would cast in a super stable if he had anyone to pick to make a full-fledged Balor Club happen in WWE. Of course, he chose some of his old buddies from the Bullet Club, but he also made a couple other interesting decisions as well that really have to get you thinking about how cool it might be to see this idea become a reality.

“Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. Obviously, someone who’s been my right-hand for my entire career, at least recent career since he came to America the first time, is Karl Anderson, who I don’t go anywhere without. So I’d definitely have Karl Anderson. Luke Gallows, probably the most underrated big man in the game, he said. “Here’s the kicker: I would add in The Authors Of Pain. Who’s gonna mess with me then? I could just stand in the front and I can have Karl Anderson here, Gallows here, The Authors Of Pain on each side. Kane’s not gonna mess with me then (laughs).”

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription