The Rock hasn’t wrestled a full-fledged match for WWE in quite a while but it looks like even if he wanted to come back right now, it couldn’t happen. Even though The Rock always seems to look like he’s in great shape and has been staying out of the ring so he’s not taking hard bumps like he used to, there’s still a risk he could wind up injuring himself especially considering how hard he works out in the gym.

He’s out promoting his many projects but never forgets to reserve a fair amount of time for some “clanging and banging” in the gym while he pumps iron to maintain his amazing physique.

Jumanji is the next big movie to come out for The Rock, who has been using Dwayne Johnson as his name for years. It’s just so hard to stop calling him “The Rock” because he’s The Great One and The People’s Champ which is a hard habit to break. However, no matter what you call him it looks like he’s working injured. Even though it’s not that big of a deal because he doesn’t need to wrestle anymore. It looks like he’s too injured to arm wrestle.

One fan sent out an encouraging message to The Rock about his upcoming Jumanji film while challenging him to an arm wrestling match the next time they’re both in LA: “Great trailer @JumamjiMovie can’t wait to see the movie, with Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson. Next time I’m in L.A. I challenge you to an arm wrestling match.”

But Johnson’s reply was rather interesting. Not only did The Rock disclose he was currently working with a torn labrum in his shoulder, but Rocky also said he and Jack Black will gladly pay this individual to provide Kevin Hart with a beat down if they pay him in food.

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