It was reported recently that former Divas Champion Paige is expected to return to WWE this week and could be inserted into the Survivor Series women’s match as part of the show.

Many UK based WWE fans have questioned why Paige’s return wasn’t made a week earlier when WWE was in her native country as part of the European Tour and the answer to this could be the fact that WWE may want Paige to return as a heel.

If Paige had returned in Manchester, England last week on Raw then she would have received a huge pop from the crowd, something that would have ruined any plans WWE have for her to be a heel. This is the only logical reason why the company would have denied Paige the opportunity to return in her home country just seven days ago.

It is highly unlikely that anything behind the scenes has changed in a week and if Paige is set to be the final woman on the Survivor Series team, then WWE would have been planning this for a while, knowing that the company is always in the UK the penultimate week before Survivor Series.

The triple threat match that has been announced for Monday Night Raw will see Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Bayley fight it out for the final spot on the team, but if Paige decides to interfere in the match and make her return as a heel, then that would clear up the reason as to why WWE didn’t want Paige to get the face reaction in her home country as part of her return.