finn balor

WWE isn’t the same company they once were. In the old days if someone suffered a bad bump on the head and said they were ready to go the next night then WWE let them wrestle. This is why there were so many wrestlers who worked on nights when it probably wasn’t the best idea to wrestle. Turns out, a lot of those people are now suffering from the negative long-term effects of head trauma.

But WWE takes concussions very seriously in this day and age. That is why Daniel Bryan had to retire so early in his career much to the dismay of the Yes Movement. Finn Balor suffered a concussion on Monday night during his match with Jinder Mahal when he took a stiff forearm to the skull. Now Finn is being pulled from the weekend’s house shows because WWE would much rather be safe than sorry.

Reports are that he will probably receive a medical evaluation before Monday night’s Raw taping. But until he gets the green light, he’s going to be sitting out the next few events.

At the NXT house show in Spartanburg, Bobby Roode defeated Tye Dillinger with some underhanded tactics from Authors Of Pain. Shinsuke Nakamura came down to help Tye Dillinger out but then The Revival appeared as well.

With all of this spectacular talent in the ring, Bobby Roode just assumed The Revival would be on his side. However, they reacted in a manner unusual for them. Instead, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder acted like babyfaces. They both dodged Bobby Roode’s handshake and then made a full babyface turn at the show. It was quite entertaining.

Of course, this might not translate to WWE’s main roster but it’s a really cool way to close out their NXT run. The Revival might find themselves as the most dastardly team on the Raw roster after sidelining Kofi Kingston and taking such glee in this fact. But that doesn’t stop them from being way over in NXT.