After weeks of rumors and speculation, former Impact Wrestling World Champion EC3 made an appearance at NXT Takeover: Philadelphia on Saturday night, and WWE has confirmed that he has indeed signed a deal with the company.

EC3 previously worked in NXT as Derrick Bateman, but his run as Bateman was less than memorable, and he was released in 2013.

After he was released, he went to Impact Wrestling with a big chip on his shoulder, and he developed his character in a major way.

It seems that he must have done something right, because he won over quite a few fans, and now WWE has welcomed him back with open arms.

In his first interview for NXT, EC3 didn’t shy away from his past, as he noted that it’s been 1,714 days since he’s been affiliated with WWE.

He added that in NXT there’s a mantra as everyone says, “We are NXT,” and that’s fine, but he is EC3.

The former World Champion was then asked about his previous run with the company, and what the difference is between who he is now, and who he was then.

“After all those years, I know who I am now, and there’s a victory in that. I look very much forward to the future.”