With the Royal Rumble coming up on us fast it’s the time of the year to talk about WWE and all the big surprises they could bring us. Impact Wrestling has let go of a couple big stars, and with EC 3 showing up at NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia that means one question has been answered regarding where he will be going.

But there is another huge name that recently left Impact Wrestling who could be on his way to WWE very soon. Bobby Lashley was said to give up some guaranteed money with Impact Wrestling when he asked for his contract early.

“Bobby Lashley was negotiating with New Japan and WWE and he’s no longer negotiating with New Japan,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He’s going to WWE almost for sure. And he has nothing contractually that would keep him from working [The Royal Rumble]. Now I’m not saying he’s gonna wrestle Bobby Roode and I’m not saying he’s a surprise in the Rumble because I don’t know either of that but it’s certainly possible he could be either of those.”

“He is supposed to be coming, at least everyone in Impact and New Japan believe that he could be coming at any moment now and perhaps a program with Brock Lesnar after WrestleMania. I am of the impression that in WWE, and Lesnar has to know everything that’s going on with Lesnar and Lesnar is not aware of that supposedly so it may not be 100% but people with Lashley tell me they believe he is going to WWE and he is working with Brock at some point probably after Mania or sometime this year.”

It remains to be seen what Bobby Lashley does in WWE. But the idea of these two finally meeting in the ring after their history of being two massive ships passing in the night is enough to capture our attention.