Since Dean Ambrose has made his return to WWE, he has turned it into his own personal playground. The WWE Universe are the real winners here. Any scene that has Ambrose in it, instantly turns into “Must See TV.” He basically carried Monday Night Raw with his opening promo, to his Money In The Bank antics, to him interrupting John Cena’s backstage promo and to him tagging with Cena in the main event.

There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that Ambrose has the “IT” factor. Nobody can put their finger on what exactly it is about Ambrose but the fact is that since the Shield’s breakup, Ambrose has done everything in his power to stand out. The Lunatic Fringe doesn’t need to be in the title picture or hold the Money in the Bank briefcase because the thunderous roars from the crowd are proof enough that he’s the becoming the top dog.





Ambrose put his rise to the test when he stood in the ring with the face of the company John Cena and more than held his own with the 15 time champ on the mic. The fact is Ambrose is everything that the WWE has been lacking for awhile now. He’s brash, unpredictable and actually funny. The fact that he’s also insane keeps us all on the edge of our seats to hear or see what he does next. With Hell in a Cell fast approaching, you can expect to see a lot more of Ambrose ruling the airtime. The WWE has needed this shot in the arm and Dean Ambrose is hitting at the exact right time.