Buff Bagwell is a wrestling star who is quite misunderstood at times. Some people love him, and others don’t regard him as someone who deserved the position on the card he achieved. But the fact is he’s still a hard working cog in the pro wrestling machine and served his purpose for being a part of some pretty memorable moments.

Regardless of your opinion on anyone, it’s never good to hear when someone is dealing with health issues. Hurricane Helms recently spoke to Lance Storm and Cyrus on Killing The Town where he revealed he just saw Buff. Unfortunately, Helms didn’t have the best news to report about the former WCW star.

“I just saw Buff [Bagwell] — we just did a show together in West Virginia of all places,” Hurricane Helms said. “He’s got some kind of staph infection he isn’t actually doing all that great to be honest. Something was going on.”

Even though Buff was reportedly dealing with a pretty nasty health issue, he still gutted through it like a trooper and performed for the crowd. That should say a lot for his work ethic but also make you question if he should have been in the ring if he really had an active staph infection. Hurricane said he would have seen Buff’s segment if it weren’t for some pesky stairs getting in his way.

“[Buff Bagewll] was doing something, I didn’t get to see [Buff Bagwell’s] match cause the locker rooms were downstairs and I like to watch some of the matches but I’m not too fond of stairs. So the stairs kinda superseded my desire to watch the match until it was my time to go up the stairs. But I heard nWo music and I’m like ‘what the hell’s that about? — Ah yeah, Buff’s on the show.'”

This is just Hurricane’s account of the matter. But if Buff really did have that kind of issue to the point where he wasn’t doing all that good in Helm’s observation, hopefully he can get it taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Credit for the quotes from this article go to Killing The Town with Storm and Cyrus and WrestlingNews.co for the transcription