Chris Jericho is widely known as the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla today but there was once a time when he was just starting out his music career with his band Fozzy.

During a recent episode of Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, Bruce and Conrad Thompson talked about SummerSlam 2002 in depth. During the show, they brought up Ric Flair’s match against Chris Jericho and Bruce revealed something interesting about Vince McMahon’s opinion of Y2J’s musical endeavors.

“Vince really didn’t get [Chris Jericho joining Fozzy] but it was an opportunity to let Jericho do something else and change up his character somewhat. So why not? Give it a try and if Chris was successful with it, it benefits WWE and vice versa. So why not try it and he was able to change up the Jericho character somewhat and still staying true to the Y2J character.”

Even though he was getting closer to the end of his career, Bruce had nothing but amazing things to say about “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s performance leading up to the event.

“But I remember [Ric] Flair going out and trying to beat up the set when he attacked Jericho […] It was hilarious. Because I remember going back and Ric having the damnedest time trying to knock things over and destroy it and things were bouncing back on him and they did a masterful job of editing it in the package that made it look fine. But this was Ric at his best in my opinion. Just being crazy Ric and kinda out of control but also especially in the match being in control of the match — setting the pace and taking Jericho on a nice little ride and it was nostalgic to go back and help everyone understand why Ric Flair can be regarded in people’s opinion as the greatest of all time. Because even at this age, Ric was still out there able to hang.”

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