baron corbin

Baron Corbin hasn’t been doing all that well with his comebacks on social media lately. Corbin tries his best to play the heel on Twitter, but it seems that he just kind of gets owned more often than not. Still, that hasn’t prevented Corbin from trying to get the best of his fellow wrestlers, and wrestling fans on social media. One fan recently caught Baron’s attention when he suggested that Raw Superstar Elias replace replace him.

Baron Corbin then fired back by taking a shot at the fan’s idea, but he used the word “where” when it seems he meant to use “were” in his tweet. Not the flashiest response, but he got his point across.

Saturday night all eyes were on the big Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight, and WWE Creative Humor joked that money was left on the table because the match didn’t take place inside a Punjabi Prison.

Back in July, Randy Orton faced off against Jinder Mahal when he challenged him for the WWE Championship in a Punjabi Prison match. The match was a little tough to watch because the view was obstructed due to the way the structure is set up, and Orton decided to acknowledge the issues with the match while responding to the idea that Mayweather and McGregor should have used the Punjabi Prison.