baron corbin

Dave Meltzer is one of the best-known wrestling journalists who is linked to WWE since it seems that much of the time Meltzer has the inside scoop on a lot of the information concerning WWE on a regular basis.

It seems that Meltzer managed to annoy Mr. Money In The Bank Baron Corbin with his comments about Baron’s size and the fact that he just isn’t ready to be WWE Champion anytime soon.

The duo then threw shade at each other on Twitter when Corbin responded to the comments to ask Meltzer why he has a right to judge wrestlers when he has never actually wrestled.

It seems that Meltzer took Baron’s comments personally since he is often tweeted the same thing by a number of wrestlers when they disagree with any observations that he makes on his Wrestling Observer Radio show.

Baron is Mr Money in the Bank and he has been gaining a lot a heat from the WWE Universe over the past few weeks when it comes to his promo skills and whether or not he is ready to become WWE Champion.

It seems that these comments could be getting to Baron since he has decided to react in a negative way when he didn’t need to. Baron is seen as a future star in WWE and that is why he is the holder of the Money in the Bank Briefcase and if he is ever going to become one of the top stars in the company then he needs to get used to criticism and take it in his stride.