jim cornette

On a recent episode of “Something To Wrestle With“, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson went into Jim Cornette’s career with WWE in depth. There were plenty of amazing stories told, but one of the best ones dealt with Jim Cornette’s car.

Let’s start with the ending of this story to change things up a little bit. Jim Cornette retrieved a baseball bat from the trunk of his car. Because like any great heel manager, he always traveled with a baseball bat at his disposal. Anyway, after getting the baseball bat Jim Cornette proceeded to smash his own car with the melee weapon.

We always knew Jim Cornette was great with a tennis racket, but apparently, he can yield a baseball bat pretty well too. Now, what caused this craziness? It all started with a backstage brawl that went wrong.

“Atlantic City, New Jersey we were shooting television and we were live” Bruce Prichard said, “they pretaped a fight between the Boricuas and the Nation Of Domination […] they were in the parking lot where all the talent and everybody, the staff parked out by the television trucks. And there was a spot where The Godfather — Kama at the time took a bump on a car. And when he took a bump on the car he rolled. And when he rolled he rolled onto the back window of the car. And just his weight, I mean god he’s 320 pounds, but it was the right place, right time, right inertia whatever.”

“The back window just shattered and popped and exploded. Well, everybody thinks, ‘well hey it’s a gimmicked car, they planned on busting out the back window’ — no. It was a complete accident. It happened in the midst of this fight. He just took a bump, he thought he was gonna bump onto the car but he rolled and when he rolled he rolled onto the back window it exploded. […] After they finish it all up, everybody’s standing around like ‘oh my god we gotta figure out who’s car that is, who’s car, is that?’ Well, it [had] Connecticut plates on it or whatever and they put two and two together… it’s Jim Cornette’s car.”

“Well, Barry Windham was — I don’t know if Barry was the agent, I think Barry was working at the time but Barry had a little something to do with this. And everybody’s like ‘oh my god, wait till Cornette sees this. He’s going to f—— explode.’ And Barry said, ‘well, why does he have to see it now? What if he didn’t get to see it till it was live?'”

“And we get [Jim Cornette] up at Gorilla [Position] and are like, ‘hey man, you gotta see this fight. This fight was incredible, just wait till you see it.’ So we’re live and Cornette is at the Gorilla Position right next to me. And everybody’s talking up this fight, ‘oh my god this thing’s great’ and they get to the car spot and he’s like [while doing an impression of Corney] ‘oh my god this fight is great. This is amazing. Son of a b—-. Oh godd—!’ when they hit the windshield.”

“[While doing an impression of Corney] ‘oh that’s f—— great, this fight… hey that’s my godd— car! That’s my godd— car! Mother! Hey! That’s my godd— car!’ And he gets up […] it’s his personal f—— car. And he takes off to the back. And as he takes off to the back he gets back there and he sees that his car, the back window is shattered. He’s so f—— mad. Now he’s not mad per say at the back window being busted out. He’s mad that he to watch it live and nobody told him.”

“So he goes to get into the trunk. And as he goes to [open the trunk] cause everybody has a baseball bat in their trunk. So, Cornette takes a baseball bat out because he’s ready to air out the rest of his godd— car. Cause I guess that’s what you do when the back window gets popped out of your car, you bash out the rest of your windows. And he starts taking a baseball bat to his car. Bashing in the trunk and going around and hitting his own car, his own vehicle with a baseball bat. The Hebners come running out and they’re afraid he’s gonna start taking the baseball bat and attacking people and they’re trying to calm him down. And he can’t get calmed down and finally they get him to put the bat up.”

After that Jim Cornette went back into the building to get his stuff. On his way out he cussed out the owner of the building and his son who were just asking for an autograph. Cornette got in his bashed up car and peeled out of the parking lot.

Cornette was radio silent for a few days until Jim Ross was able to get ahold of him. In the end, Jim Cornette could have gotten a new car out of the deal but decided to keep his car and not fix his trunk so he had a reminder of the experience.

Bruce Prichard said Cornette told him the thing that made him the angriest later that night was he couldn’t go into a restaurant to get food because he didn’t want to leave his car unattended with a bashed out back window.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article, please credit “Something To Wrestle With” with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription.