Road Warrior Animal was part of one of the most important tag teams in wrestling history. The Legion Of Doom aka The Road Warriors dominated everywhere they went. There might be teams to rack up similar accolades as them, but nobody can do it like Animal and Hawk.

Road Warrior Animal was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV and opened up about what he thinks about the current tag team division in WWE.

“I tell you who’s entertaining, but they flirt going over the top a little bit is New Day. New Day is great. But they flirt the line of being a little bit corny sometimes and they gotta really watch that.”

Animal also put over American Alpha and said they have a decent team. Then he turned his attention to some other teams he doesn’t see so favorably.

“I don’t like the guys with the handlebar mustaches, can’t stand them. That gimmick is so 1930’s, who cares?” Animal continued. Well, it’s a good thing for Animal because the Vaudevillains are no more. “I actually don’t mind, who is it? Big Cass? The guys who do the New York gimmick, they’re kinda funny. They gotta really learn how to wrestle first. Everybody’s asking me about the new guys Paul Ellering’s with… they’re with a great teacher that’s all I’m gonna say. They got a lot of polishing up before they can even think about WWE.”

But the cherry on top of this shoot about the current WWE tag team division came when Road Warrior Animal gave his opinion of Konnor and Viktor. “The Ascension, [what] the Ascension needs to do is quit trying to be The Road Warriors. You’re never gonna be The Road Warriors. No way, shape, form, build action, wrestling will beat Road Warriors. Let it alone, Let it alone. That’s my advice to them. Just leave it alone. Because if they were doing the gimmick I wouldn’t try to copy them. So I don’t care what [they] say, that ain’t right. The Road Warriors are in a league of their own. Why do we keep talking about them? You know what I mean? They need to let it go.”

Road Warrior Animal also went on to give his opinion on 205 Live as well. He said WWE is doing what they’re doing with the cruiserweights because they want to bring in more international money. You can watch the entire portion of his shoot interview below.


  1. I think he’s blaming the wrong people, its not their fault vince made them dress like road warriors