roman reigns

We only have one week until Extreme Rules and it feels like we’re just recovering from Backlash. Then again it’s a different brand this time. But the post-WrestleMania season is behind us so WWE seems to get busier than ever. After all, there’s no off-season in WWE.

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Tonight fans were promised a match between 2/3 of the Shield. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were set to go one on one in preparation for the fatal 5-way encounter at Extreme Rules.

Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, and Bray Wyatt were also facing each other in a triple threat match. That should be fun!

It’s Memorial Day so Raw needs to pull out all the stops to get people to tune in. But the Observer said WWE only loses around 40,000 viewers on Memorial Day. They said that’s nothing, but it’s still 40,000 people.

Opening Segment

The sounds of flashbulbs filled the arena and Miz made his entrance. The ring was set up for a Miz TV and the It Couple was ready to draw some heat.

Miz hyped his upcoming match Dean at Extreme Rules and he told the crowd not to cheer him. Miz said Dean is a cheater and he talks about how Ambrose intentionally disqualified himself in their IC Title match a couple of weeks ago.

Then he started reasoning why he made the stipulation at Extreme Rules that if Dean is disqualified or counted out then he loses the title. What an extreme stipulation.

They showed footage of how Miz interfered in the Ambrose/Elias Samson match last week where The Drifter looked way better on Raw than he ever did in every one of his NXT matches put together.

Then Miz introduced his guests for Miz TV: Cesaro and Sheamus. They got their whole entrance and look like a great heel tag team at this point with their black kilts, jackets, and sunglasses. Can’t wait for those Elite action figures.

Miz said no two superstars in WWE have worked harder than Sheamus and Cesaro and nobody deserves their spots more. He said they worked so hard for their WrestleMania moment, but the Hardy Boys showed up and stole their spotlight.

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Sheamus said the biggest shame is that the fans turned their backs on them when the Hardy Boyz showed up. “Delete” chants started to ring out as Sheamus called the fans fickle and how they’re all about the new thing. But Sheamus and Cesaro were still going to get their titles back at Extreme Rules.

Miz started to talk and the fans started back-talking him. He threw up his hand and said when his hand goes up, your mouth goes shut. Love it when he does that. It’s like he turns the arena into an elementary school classroom.

Miz talked about how he elevated the IC Title and started to hype himself. Then Dean Ambrose showed up.

Dean said he doesn’t always make good decisions. But he can’t help it because he sees three buttheads in the ring and he just has to shut their mouths.

Miz told him to do the match that there is only one of him and three of them. Then people started to cheer because they knew The Hardys were on the way.

Dean said one thing he isn’t is stupid. Matt and Jeff came out and soon the babyfaces ran the heels off. They stood tall with their title belts and the heels stood outside of the ring looking pissed to close out the opening segment.

Dean Ambrose vs The Hardy Boyz vs Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro

Jeff took control of Cesaro and tagged in Matt. In spite of his attempts, Cesaro still took a top rope chop from Matt Hardy while Jeff held him still. Cesaro took advantage over Matt and tagged into Sheamus to keep up the pressure.

Sheamus got off a few Beats Of The Bodhran off on Matt and tagged in Cesaro who hit a second rope elbow on Hardy. Cesaro knocked Jeff off the apron but didn’t hit Ambrose.

We bet Cesaro wishes he would have hit Dean because the Lunatic Fringe got the tag and started cleaning house. He kept up the pressure on Cesaro until Sheamus got the tag and then he knocked him off the apron and went for a suicide dive, but Cesaro grabbed his leg. By the time Dean went for the dive, Sheamus was already in the ring to take him out.

Dean climbed up to the top rope and took a kick to the head. Ambrose toppled to the floor in one smooth bump. These guys really do get way too used to doing harm to their bodies.

Miz got the tag and kept taking it to Dean. Miz did all of his Daniel Bryan kicks which really have become the best part of his move set. Dean grabbed Miz during his last kick and rolled him up for a two count.

Cesaro got the tag and they kept taking abuse to Dean. Cesaro went charging for Dean, but he moved and Antonio Cesaro went flying to the mat. Miz ran in to get Dean but he was thrown out too. Miz ran around and took out Jeff and Matt so they couldn’t get the tag.

Sheamus and Cesaro hit Dean with a White Noise double team move for a two count. That White Noise double team move is smooth.

Sheamus placed Dean on the top rope and climbed up to join him. The Celtic Warrior looked like he was setting up a top rope White Noise this time, but Dean knocked him off the turnbuckle. Dean leaped to his feet on the top and landed that elbow he does.

Cesaro tried to grab Dean again, but he hit that clothesline he does and went for the tag. It looked like he tried to tag Matt in, but he missed or wasn’t supposed to tag Matt. For whatever reason, Jeff got the tag and then started taking it to Cesaro.

Matt got the tag and they hit a poetry in motion. Matt hit a side effect on Sheamus and got a two count because it was broken up. A skirmish broke out and Matt hit Miz with a Twist Of Fate and tagged his brother in. Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb on Miz and got the win.

So the babyfaces went over on the go-home to Extreme Rules. But the Hardys didn’t pin Sheamus or Cesaro. So who knows what could happen on Sunday.

During the post-match talk-up at the announcer booth, Michael Cole and Booker T talked excitedly while Corey Graves played on his phone. When they finally threw over to The Savior Of Misbehavior, Graves didn’t look up from his phone. He just looked worried and said “sorry.” Then he left. That was odd.

Backstage Segment

Kurt Angle is standing there looking at Corey Grave’ phone. Angle looks worried. He turns to Corey and says “disgrace to WWE” and “besmirch status as Olympic gold medalist.” Something like that.

Kurt asked his information the information he just saw. Corey said he doesn’t know what it is about him, but people tell him things. We still don’t know what he’s reading though, but it doesn’t sound good.

Corey said if he can help Angle in anyway he can. Kurt said if it’s true it could destroy him. What is this?

Elias Samson vs Zac Evans

Elias Samson was introduced and he was alone in the ring with a spotlight on him. He played a simple acoustic song in promo form. But he didn’t really get heat. Instead, he got people showing flashlights like they were lighters at a rock show.

Samson was obviously given a squash match here. Samson showed some real power and a ruthless edge to himself. Evans tried to get a rally going, but it didn’t work at all.

The Drifter was very aggressive as he bounced the jobber’s head off the apron. He followed it up by wrapping him around the ring post. He was torturous and relentless.

Booker T called this match “a straight up mugging.”

Then Samson hit his swinging neckbreaker and picked up the win. He looked impressive and it’s a good thing too.

After the match, Corey Graves returned to commentary. Michael Cole asked him “what was that all about?” But Graves didn’t say anything. The mystery continues.

Backstage Segment

Samoa Joe said his tactic is to make things unpredictable for Finn Balor. He said he is studying his matches and network special looking for his weaknesses. He said his body can be broken. He’s broken Finn before and he’ll do it again.

Then Joe took a beat and looked to his left. It’s almost like he missed a cue. Probably because he did. Because his next line was about Bray Wyatt. Suddenly Bray appeared on the screen next to him.

Bray Wyatt delivered an amazing promo about impaling the wings of angels and demons and how only one man can slay the Beast and it’s the Eater Of Worlds. He will leave the carcass of the Beast empty. It was all amazing. Bray Wyatt’s just so good.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Finn Balor’s music started in the arena and everyone seemed very happy to see Fonzie Balor. Everyone threw up their arms when the lights hit showing The Balor Club was in full force.

The fireflies were also thick as Bray Wyatt made his memorizing entrance. It really is a beautiful sight. People usually just stand there in awe and say “he needs new music” when Samos Joe comes out.

The triple threat match kicked off by all three men trying to feel each other out. Bray sat in the corner like Jake Roberts and slithered out of the ring to let Joe take it to Finn Balor.

Finn hit Joe with a kick from the apron and Bray applauded him. Then Balor threw Joe outside and he tossed Bray in the ring. Wyatt and Balor traded strikes until Bray overpowered Balor.

Balor his a kick to Bray and backed him into the corner. He rubbed his forearm all over Bray’s face but it probably hurt him more than Wyatt due to his thick beard.

Joe jumped in and broke up a pin attempt and took the fight to Finn. Then Joe tossed Balor out of the ring and focused his attention to Bray.

Samoa Joe didn’t get a move off on Bray before Finn jumped in to hit him from behind. Balor eventually got tossed out of the ring to leave Bray and Joe once again. Then Finn jumped back in to join the fray. He just won’t give up.

Bray took Finn out and hammered down on him with a right hand. Then he punched him in the throat and backed him into the turnbuckle. Bray placed Balor on the top rope just in time for Samoa Joe to come in.

He tried to hit Balor with a superplex, but Bray ran under him and hit a Tower Of Doom on Joe and Finn. Bray tapped his toe in the corner and did his upside down smile. He tried to hit a Sister Abigail on Finn, but Joe slapped on a Coquina Clutch.

Finn kicked Joe off of him and Joe retreated slowly thanks to a few boots from Balor. Bray went outside as well and Finn Balor hit a dive on both of them.

When the action returned to the ring Samoa Joe hit Finn with some punches in the corner while Bray just stood back and enjoyed the show. Bray and Joe ganged up on Finn, but Balor kept getting to his feet.

Bray choked Finn against the top rope and tossed him back onto the mat. Joe started hitting Balor with some working punches as Finn started to fight back. But he was smashed in the corner by Bray. The corner smash also hurt Joe so it was a smart move.

Joe smashed Finn in the corner and then held Balor to let Bray get a corner splash in too. The two heels wasted some time while Bray taunted the crowd and Joe tugged at his shorts and let Finn got to their feet.

It didn’t last for long though as Joe kicked Finn in the face and delivered a senton. Then Bray hit him with a senton of his own. Suddenly Bray took out Joe and kicked him to the outside.

Bray stalked up to Finn, but Balor reversed his move and hit him with an overhead kick. Finn moved himself to the corner and hit Bray with some takedowns and a dropkick to the face.

Joe jumped in the ring and started taking some punishment to Bray now. Joe sized Finn up and went running at him. Balor moved and sent him outside. Then Finn kicked Joe in the face from the apron. Balor ran around the ring and dropkicked Bray Wyatt into the barricade. But he wasn’t done. He ran around and dropkicked Samoa Joe into the other barricade. Finn looked pumped as “this is awesome” chants rang out in the arena.

Finn hit Joe with some chops, but Joe soon reversed him and slapped on a Coquina Clutch. Finn broke the hold and hit a double stomp to Joe.

Bray jumped in the ring and tried to get Balor in a Sister Abagail but he was reversed and got a double stomp of his own. Balor went for a Sling Blade on Joe, but it was turned into a slam on Finn.

Bray walked like a spider up to Joe and hit a Sister Abigail. Finn was on the top rope, but they got out of range, so he jumped down and hit Bray.

Finn pulled off a Sling Blade on Bray and they hit him with his corner dropkick. Balor climbed up and hit the Coup De Grace on Bray, but Joe jumped in the ring and tossed Finn Balor out of the ring. The Samoan Submission Machine pinned Bray Wyatt and stole the win.

That’s all it takes to win one of those matches. You just have to be the dude making the pin at the end of the match for the 1-2-3… you don’t have to be the one doing the work at all. Therefore, anything can happen at Extreme Rules.

Backstage Segment

Seth Rollins is interviewed and he started talking up his match against Roman Reigns. But first he targeted Samoa Joe with his words. He said if he knows anyone better than Joe, it’s Roman.

Seth said him and Roman have a complicated history. But whenever they’re in the ring together, it’s a war. The second thing he knows about Roman is that “Seth Freakin’ Rollins owns Roman Reigns.”

He said when he cracks Roman over the head with his knee it will be a message to everyone. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, he’s primed to do it again. He seemed very sure of himself.

Rich Swann vs Noam Dar

Noam Dar and Alicia Fooox jump in the purple ring and prepare for battle while they played the promo package from last week when Sasha slapped Dar, but Foxy hit that “devastating” scissors kick. It really was a botch and a half.

“Best scissors kick I’ve seen in quite some time from Alicia Fox,” Corey Graves said.

“Don’t you say that,” Booker T replied.

Dar jumped Swann from behind as soon as the bell rang to get the upper hand and some heat. Well, as much heat as cruiserweights can get at this point.

Dar stood on Swann’s hair and delivered a stomp to him. Then Dar got Rich Swann in a submission hold and wrenched at his hand too for some digit manipulation.

Swann remained on the canvas and sold the abuse. Then they got to their feet as Dar continued his heel assault. Swann caught him with some kicks and turned it around for himself. Then he hit a nice “modified hangover” as Booker T put it and got a two count.

Alicia got on the apron, and Banks got involved in the match. She hit Foxy against the side of the ring and Swann hit a Phoenix Splash on Dar and the babyface team got the win.

After the match, Swann tried to get Sasha to dance with him and she reluctantly got down with Swann. Then they started hitting some choreographed moves like they were auditioning for High School Musical. It was cute, but Sasha Banks really should be in a much bigger program. However inserting her in this kind of cruiserweight program might be what they’re trying in order to get fans to pay attention to the 205 Live guys.

Backstage Segment

The Revival are introduced and forgive me while I mark out for a moment or five. They seem to be back now after Dash Wilder’s untimely broken jaw.

Wilder still had his jaw wired shut and Dawson said it will only be a matter of time before Wilder will get his wires cut and he’ll be ready for Raw.

They were asked about the attack on Enzo last week and brought up some video from last week during a Sasha Banks backstage interview when The Revival were seen backstage.

Dawson said they’ve been there almost every week since Dash’s injury because they’re Top Guys. Scott Dawson called Enzo the tilapia of WWE, he’s a bottom feeder. “Top Guys out”… then they left.

They showed some footage of Akira Tozowa’s awesome victory in a street fight over The Brian Kendrick on 205 Live. When they came back Big Cass was in Corey Graves’ face asking about what he was insinuating.

Cass said Enzo was like his little brother and seemed very upset. It had a shoot feel to it, and that was a nice change of pace. Corey said Kurt Angle’s doing an investigation and Big Cass shook Graves’ hand awkwardly and just walked off.

Kalisto vs Titus O’Neil

The Titus Brand really needs to start wrestling in a suit, #JustSaying.

But he was out in his usual trunks with Apollo Crews walking beside him. He told Apollo Crews to watch and learn how to beat someone like Kalisto. “Watch what I do and do what I say, and the Titus Brand will take you to the top of the mountain.” Yup.

Titus started out trying to throw Kalisto against the ropes, but he immediately bounced off the rope and hit him with a kick to the back of the head. Kalisto took it to Titus and drove his face to the mat.

Kalisto tried to roll Titus up, but O’Neil dropped to his knees and used his size to overpower Kalisto. He grabbed the back of his tights and forced a three count for the win.

After the match, Titus O’Neil tried to celebrate, but Apollo kept saying “I saw you grab the trunks” as he smiled at him. They took a selfie in the middle of the ring and Titus seemed very happy about it. Apollo Crews didn’t look like he was totally invested in the Titus Brand yet though.

Bayley: This Is Your Life

Alexa Bliss is capable of being on the top of the women’s roster for as long as she wants to if WWE keeps letting her do her thing like this. She took the entrance ramp with a ton of confidence and we could tell she had something special in mind for Bayley tonight.

The kendo stick on a pole was set up in the corner of the ring and they had a table with a purple tablecloth in the middle of the ring. The table was full of a bunch of girly and childish looking things. There was also a middle-aged woman in a blue dress standing in the ring just smiling away. There were also a couple of other people in the ring.

Alexa called Bayley “everyone’s favorite sock puppet” that was nice.

Alexa said everybody can see Bayley hugging the kendo stick, but nobody can imagine her hitting anyone with it.

Then she started off the Bayley This Is Your Life segment.

Alexa held up a doll and said it was Bayley’s first doll that she still plays with and Bliss tossed it over her head. She picked up a trophy for “best in sportsmanship” and made fun of her saying she much have really won some scholarships with this one.

Bliss passed over some Slinkys and a yo-yo but stopped at her yearbook. She read that Bayley was the most likely to apologize.

Then Alexa started to introduce her special guests. The woman was supposed to be Bayley’s fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Flapper.

Mrs. Flapper said Bayley had perfect attendance and always sat in the front row right next to her father. She apparently couldn’t be away from him that long or she would start to cry. Bliss rubbed it in a little bit and said: “that takes Daddy’s girl to a whole new level.”

Then Bliss introduced Bayley’s best friend, a girl named Tracy. Her old BFF told Bliss that Bayley let people take advantage of her. She said Bayley would always do other people’s homework and whenever she wanted to hang out with her, Bayley always wanted to watch Raw or SmackDown.

The crowd started to boo, not because Alexa was a heel, but because these actors were awful. Bliss said we’re so sick of hearing about Bayley’s childhood dream of being a WWE superstar.

Then Bliss introduced Bayley’s “ex-boyfriend” Phil Johnson. Yup.

Johnson said Bayley was a nice girl but their dates were strange because Bayley would always bring her father along. The fans started to chant “delete” as Phil told a story about how he almost kissed Bayley’s father instead of her one night.

In the end, Johnson said he only dated Bayley because he wanted to get close to Tracy. Bayley’s former BFF said she always thought Phil was out of her league and couldn’t believe this was happening. Then the two people we had no idea who they were beforehand kissed in the ring as the crowd well… they didn’t care.

Alexa Bliss said “this is your life” and Bayley came out to put an end to this awfulness.

Bliss kicked Bayley as she got in the ring and ghosts of The Hugger’s past fled the ring. Bayley turned things around on Bliss and pointed at the kendo stick on a pole.

But Bliss didn’t let her get to the kendo stick. She knocked Bayley down and retrieved a kendo stick of her own under the purple tablecloth. Looks like she always plans ahead. Alexa Bliss whacked Bayley with the kendo stick and Bayley rolled onto the floor.

End of segment. Never thought I’d be glad an Alexa Bliss segment was over that badly.

Backstage Segment

Enzo was out cold on the floor once again. Paramedics already surrounded him and Big Cass said it’s The Revival again. Kurt Angle said he personally saw Dash and Dawson leave the building.

Cass said it’s always possible they came back. Kurt told him to leave, and Cass refused to go. They tried to wake Enzo up, but he was still groggy.

Okay, two weeks in a row that Enzo Amore was attacked backstage and we don’t know who keeps doing it. Well, at least Raw has some mystery in it again.

Just watch it turn out to be Vince McMahon. I can hear it now: “It was me Enzo! It was me all along!” Word is McMahon does love to use Enzo as a ragdoll in the ring. Maybe he thought it looked fun and just wanted to try out beating the piss out of Enzo himself.

Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher vs TJP and Neville

It’s purple rope time once again. After Neville’s pyro, Michale Cole asked Booker T if he was alright and Booker said “yeah.” The pyro probably scared him because it did cut TJP’s entrance music off pretty suddenly.

Neville refused to start the match against A Double so TJP started off for the heel team. Jack Gallagher got the tag and hit a headbutt to TJP’s torso and they traded….headlocks.

Jack did a cartwheel out of a headlock and the two traded some moves, but Jack kicked TJP off and he went flipping. Neville got the tag and tossed Gallagher against the turnbuckle. Gentleman Jack did the turnbuckle headstand he does and kicked Neville.

Austin Aries got the tag and the two stared at each other for a moment. Then Neville rolled out of the ring to powder out without taking any offense.

Neville eventually got Jack Gallager in the ring and took control of the match with a missile drop kick to the kidney of The Gentleman. Neville got a two count and A Double wanted the tag badly.

Neville turned to Aries to trash talk him, but when he went back to Gallagher he got a headbutt to the midsection. Neville eventually turned it around and drove Jack’s face into the mat.

Neville stomped on Jack’s head and TJP looked like he wanted the tag. Neville tagged in his partner and TJP hit a launching senton from the apron on Gallagher. TJP locked on a headlock and kept him there for a bit.

TJP transitioned his headlock into a couple more submission holds and kept Gallagher on the mat. TJP flipped around Jack but took a brutal headbutt from Gallagher.

Aries got the tag and started slapping Aries’ chest with some hard chops. Neville went for a kick but missed. Aries hit a shinbreaker on Neville and got a two count.

Austin went for the Last Chancery, but Neville squirmed out of it. Then A Double went for a Discus 5 Arm but TJP grabbed him. Neville ended up on the floor as well. Then Aries hit both heels with a suicide dive. He climbed up on the top rope and went for a missile dropkick to Neville, but the Cruiserweight Champion moved.

Neville soon found himself locked in the Last Chancery and he eventually tapped to the submission hold. The babyfaces won the match as Austin Aries yelled “get used to it” as they made their way up the ramp.

Backstage Segment

Roman Reigns said he wanted to make this crystal clear. He said he didn’t care what Rollins had to say. The only thing he cares about tonight is proving why he is the Big Dog. The end.

Backstage Segment

Neville was shown backstage and he wasn’t happy. He was asked if he was concerned that he submitted to Austin Aries. He tried to formulate a response but didn’t say anything. He just ran off in a huff.

They showed footage of Goldust turning on R-Truth and then they played another stellar Shattered Dreams Productions promo.

Goldust looked old school in his makeup and he was methodical and metaphorical with his words. It’s so great to see him like this. He said he’s back in the director’s chair where he’s always belonged. Very cool. He said R-Truth knew a star like Goldy was too big for a supporting role. He said Truth wanted the spotlight all to himself.

Now Goldust will get to put an end to all that because their little picture, “Golden Truth” will meet its crescendo. He said The Golden Age is back.

Then they cut to an R-Truth productions promo. Truth was in a similar position in his promo and delivered his words over old-school funk music. He said he’s like Shaft and others, he’s a bad mother–shut your mouth. Then he said he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger. R-Truth said Goldust was going to get got. At least he refrained from saying “what’s up.”

Looks like WWE was going for a promo trading angle with these two. Who knows when they’ll really lock up. WWE could always add their match to Extreme Rules, but it might be nice to see them do this for a bit longer.

They announced Sasha Banks would be coming to 205 Live on the next night. Yup, they’re really trying to bump 205 Live to higher on the top-watched chart for WWE Network than whatever pay-per-view Tony Schiavone or Bruce Prichard talked about on their podcast that week.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins came out to a pretty big pop and when Roman Reigns came out it just seemed like everybody just yelled stuff at him. He gets a lot of boos, but it sounds like a bunch of angry voices just yelling various insults at this point.

The two locked up and kicked off the action quickly. Roman broke the lock up and Seth looked amused. They circled each other for a slow build. Seth got behind Roman and wouldn’t let him turn it around. Rollins rolled him up for a pin and got the kick out. Rollins looked like he was trying to beat Roman by actually wrestling him at first.

Reigns grabbed Seth’s arm and wrenched at it but Rollins flipped out of the hold and hit a standing moonsault. Reigns rolled out of the ring and stared off into the distance to catch a breather.

The Big Dog walked casually around his yard and got back in the ring. They took a while to lock up again, but Roman quickly grabbed Seth from behind again and threw him against the ropes. Reigns missed with two clotheslines and got Seth up for a Samoan Drop, but Seth slid out of it.

Then Roman finally caught Seth with a right-handed punch that sent Seth to the mat outside the ring. Reigns drove Seth into the barricade rib-first and Rollins rolled in the ring. Reigns hit Seth with a Drive-By that drove his ribs into the ring post.

Then Roman got back in the ring and yelled at the ceiling. He went for a Superman Punch, but Seth countered it. Roman was thrown to the outside and Seth hit him with a quick dive over the top rope.

Seth Rollins slid back into the ring and beckoned The Big Dog to get back in his yard. Reigns ended up taking advantage of Seth on the outside of the ring and drove Seth’s ribs against the barricade once more. He obviously wanted to soften up Rollins’ midsection up in preparation for a spear.

The two returned to the ring and Roman stalked his friend… are they still friends? Does Roman have any friends? I don’t know. Anyway, he kept control of the match… because he’s the Big Dog.

Roman clubbed Seth’s chest with some stiff clotheslines in the corner and bounced off the ropes for a kick to Rollins’ head. Seth was on the mat and selling his injuries. He started to get back to his feet as Roman prepared for a Superman Punch.

Roman went for a Superman Punch but was met with a kick to the face. The two fought some more and Seth hit a Sling Blade on Reigns. He hit Roman with a running forearm in the corner twice and followed it up with a suplex attempt. But his midsection was still hurt and he couldn’t get Roman up.

Rollins hit him with a dropkick, but Booker T pointed out that it was weak. Roman rolled out of the ring and Seth hit a suicide dive.

Rollins climbed to the top rope as Roman rolled in the ring. Seth went for something off the top rope, but Roman caught him with a Superman Punch to the jaw. 1-2-kickout!

Roman started to amp himself up as the ladies cheered and the men booed. He went for another spear, but Seth sidestepped him and rolled him up for a two count. Seth hit Roman with a kick to the face and quickly got another two count.

Seth got to his feet first and ascended the turnbuckle slowly. Roman punched him in the face with a right hand and Seth slumped over the turnbuckle. The Big Dog grabbed The Kingslayer and climbed to the top. He grabbed Seth and set him up for a top rope Samoan Drop, but Seth held on and hit a running turnbuckle powerbomb on the other side. Roman used his momentum from the powerbomb in the corner to land a Superman Punch to Seth. Both men were on the mat and selling their exhaustion.

Rollins rolled out of the ring and he looked dazed. Both of these men had taken each other to the limit. Roman got to his feet on the inside and rolled to the apron outside. Seth was on the other side of the ring looking tired on the outside.

Roman ran around the ring to spear Seth on the outside, but he moved and sent The Big Dog into the ring steps. “This is awesome” chants filled the arena and Seth hit a top rope blockbuster on Reigns.

Then Rollins climbed back up to the top and dove to hit a very successful top rope frog splash to Reigns. 1-2-kickout!

“Let’s go Rollins/Roman sucks!” chants started to ring out as Seth looked down at Roman wondering what he was going to do next.

Seth positioned Roman on the mat and climbed the rope again. Roman got up and Seth landed on his feet after a Phoenix Splash.

Seth hit a kick to the back of Roman’s head and got pushed off onto the rope. Roman Reigns returned Seth’s favor with a spear. 1-2-3 and Roman Reigns won this hard fought battle clean.

But will any of that help him at Extreme Rules in the fatal 5-way match? There will be five people to deal with. In all honesty, the match could get clunky if they don’t take someone out early on.

But that’s all she wrote for the go-home Raw before Extreme Rules. The broadcast ended with Roman Reigns standing tall because, in the end, someone must pose.