On a recent episode of WWE Network’s Table For 3 with Eric Bischoff, Michael PS Hayes, and Jim Cornette sat down and discussed a wide array of topics. One person who came up in the conversation was Vince Russo and the general consensus was nobody liked him.

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Russo apparently had some words about this and on a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience Corney let loose on The Archbishop Of Talent Bearing. Jim Cornette said Vince Russo went crazy on them and used some choice words. But Cornette had more than a few things to say in return.

“The reason why he went crazy was not only did Bischoff and I once again on worldwide television tell everybody what a f—— moron he was, but the WWE — the company that he begs and pleads to have a job with again, begs to bring him back and constantly emailing Vince McMahon and constantly contacting him saying ‘oh Vince [McMahon], I could save you, oh Vince I could save you.’ [WWE Network] took that opportunity as soon as we said his name to put up a non-flattering picture of [Russo’s] f—— ugly ass.”

Jim Cornette brought up the fact how Vince Russo said they should say whatever they had to say to his face. In reply Cornette wasn’t shy in the slightest by proposing a situation that would make this confrontation a reality and he didn’t mix any words.

Cornette said every time Vince Russo talks about him he tries to deflect his comments and dismiss it as an act. But Jim Cornette wanted to stress the fact that he was totally serious when he said the things he did about Russo.

“I’ve said I don’t make money off knocking Vince Russo — it’s my hobby. I do it for enjoyment. I make a lot of money which is more than I can say for that unemployed f—— loser” Cornette said.

Vince Russo said he can’t believe someone would hate him just because of wrestling and Cornette took even more offense to that. Pro wrestling is a very serious deal to Jim Cornette and it has been his life since he was a kid. Anyone who says “it’s just wrestling” is not going to get far in an argument with Jim Cornette. He went on to say Russo doesn’t take wrestling serious and never has “because he’s part of the reason why this business is in the s— shape it’s in.”

Vince Russo tried to get Jim Cornette to come on his show and talk things out. Corney wouldn’t give in to the request he simply saw as a desperate ploy to gain better ratings.

“Like we could talk this out — I’ve actually come out and said ‘I want him to die.’ If I could get away with murdering him and not go to jail I would. I hate him worse than anything that has ever walked on this planet. The thought of him breathing disgusts me. But yet, I’m going to debate him face to face — ‘come on my show and tell this to my face instead of behind my back.’ Everything I have said is not only on worldwide internet, but is on worldwide YouTube — has been put on video for posterity forever.”

“Nothing’s been behind his back but he wants me to come and face him face to face on Skype on his show because he’s an attention whore! And he’s desperate because he’s a failure in life because he’s toxic in this industry. Because no reputable promotion will hire him. Because he’s already put everybody out of business — the last one that did f—— d—hebag f—— Dixie Carter had to keep it secret that she was paying him. Because her TV network would cancel her — which they did. And a lot of her top talent would jump ship — which they did if they found out she had anything to do with that miserable sack of snake feces.”

“So here we’ve got a sad, desperate, unemployed, mentally unstable goof that had to move from Colorado to Evansville, Indiana where his wife’s family is from — that’s his wife’s hometown. And apparently he lives in his in-law’s basement I guess maybe that’s why it strikes such a nerve when he talks about the internet marks and the website journalists.”

Jim Cornette went on to say Vince Russo is bitter over wrestling journalists because they prove him wrong time and time again. After that, Corney went to make an offer to Vince Russo which would see them meeting face to face.

“Well Vince, I’ve got an offer for you Vince Russo and I want all your little stooges to listen real close and I want them to tell you — I want them to play this for you! I want you to hear it. You say you wanna meet me face to face and you want me to say all these things to you in person instead of behind your back. Well we ain’t gonna do it on a podcast. We ain’t gonna have a debate. Here’s the deal: you send me a date and an an address — and it doesn’t have to be your home address because I know you don’t want me to know where you live because you probably do live in your in-law’s basement since you’re an unemployed failure and you’re toxic and nobody wants to have anything to do with you. And every wrestling promoter, every great wrestling veteran of the last twenty years that’s ever drawn any money has nothing but bad things to say about you. Bret Hart said you oughta be hung in a parking lot.”

“So send me a date and a time and a neutral address and I’ll come to you. You don’t have to come to me. You’re in Evansville now, it’s not that far away. I’ll come to you because I know you don’t have the money for gas Vince, being that you’re in such a miserable state and you’re living on food stamps and your wife’s probably ready to divorce you because you haven’t had a job or been employed in years.”

“Make it a public park — maybe somewhere out of the way. Somewhere where there won’t be too many people to intervene.” Cornette then told Russo how to get a hold of him via email or he said Russo could contact Kenny Bolin and they would set something up.

“But here’s the rules: no cops, no guns, and no knives and we both come alone. And what happens, happens. Nobody makes a dime off of it, nobody gets any publicity off of it, nobody’s even gonna know it’s gonna happen until after it happens when nobody hears from you anymore. And because you’re broke, and you’re unemployed, and you probably don’t know where your next f—— meal is coming from, and you can’t provide for your family — I bet you can’t even get your d— hard anymore Vince because you can’t provide for your family and you don’t feel like a man because you’re one of those Christian lunatics that thinks Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have been president because ‘woman was made from man’s rib.’ So it really must give you erectile dysfunction you f——- piece of s— that you can’t provide for your family and you’re a failure and you’re a laughing stock.”

“So not only will I come to you, not only will I meet you in a neutral location with no cops, no guns, no knives — just the two of us. But I’m gonna have $5,000 in cash with me because I got that Vince unlike you. You don’t have to bring anything. You don’t even have to bring a ham sandwich. I’m gonna have $5,000 in cash with me and you can have it if you can take it away from me.”

“So what do I gotta do? You f—— fraud. You gutless coward! Do I have to call your wife a crack whore? Do I have to say your mother sucked d—- for dimes in dive bars? Do I have to tell you your father gave government secrets to the Nazis? Just let me know Vince!”

Cornette concluded his explosive rant about Vince Russo by wrapping up his feelings in exact detail. It sounds like Jim is serious about being so sick and tired of Vince Russo’s mouth that he is willing to put up $5,000 of his own money to get his hands on him.

“There ain’t gonna be no talking, there ain’t gonna be no debating. I’m gonna do what the f— I’ve wanted to do almost since the first day I met your miserable ass and you know it’s true! […] I’m not saying I’m a badass. I’m not saying I could whip Chael Sonnen, I’m not saying I could whip a grown adult man cause I’m old I got a lot of injuries. But you — you never been in a fight gutless p—-, I could whip you! Besides it’s not even gonna even be hand-to-hand because I said no guns, no knives — but I got a bat. I could find a stick! I don’t give a f—! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. So you wanna make challenges about going on people’s podcasts and giving the money to charity and all this other stuff because you know that ain’t gonna happen because we got nothing to talk about.”

“But I’m making you a legitimate offer. I swear on my mother’s grave if you give me a date, a time, and an address I will meet you there and I will bring five grand in cash. As long as the rules are no cops, no guns, and no knives and what happens, happens! And if you don’t f—— take me up on that you piece of s— then shut your f—— d— licker from now on because I’m sick and f—— fed up with ya and everyone else is too. You’ve been found out, nobody believes in you anymore, everybody knows what you’re all about. You’ve stabbed everybody in the back you’ve ever worked with, you’ve killed guys’ careers with your goofy gimmicks. You’ve made the wrestling business a f—— joke with your f—— ADD booking and your Jerry Springer Show horses—. And most of all you’re a piece of s— and I will prove it. Send me the date, the time, and the place or shut the f— up!”

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