bray wyatt

When The Miz was called over to SmackDown Live during the Superstar Shake-Up it left a big hole in the Miztourage. After all, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel didn’t have anyone to follow around anymore. On the Raw after losing The A-Lister to the Blue Team, Dallas and Axel walked around backstage and kept asking people if they could be their new cronies. Seth Rollins and Finn Balor both turned them down which set up a tag match later on that didn’t pan out well for the Miztourage. But as Bo and Curtis keep looking for a new place to call home in WWE, it looks like they may already have an offer on the table.

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are actually brothers in real life. The sons of IRS haven’t had much to do with each other except for crossing paths briefly in NXT after their Rotunda Brothers tag team was broken up in FCW. But since Bray Wyatt took on a persona of following the buzzards, it looks like he doesn’t know who his own brother is.

All of that might be changing in due time because The Eater Of Worlds extended a Woken Welcome to Bo and Curtis after Raw went off the air.

Wyatt had a message for Dallas and Axel saying, “Quit trying to coincide with those obsolete mules a Woken World awaits you. Let us fix you.”

Bray Wyatt is no stranger to having a stable follow him around and it looks like if things pan out we could see a reunion of the Rotunda Brothers soon enough on Raw. Although Bo and Bray might not acknowledge their family connection it could certainly result in some interesting storylines as things continue to progress while the Raw brand settles down following a pretty big Superstar Shake-Up.