Enzo Amore was the realest guy in the room in WWE for a good run and he sold a ton of merchandise in the process. But all good things much come to an end and from the looks of it, Enzo Amore is hanging up his wrestling boots. Well, Enzo never wore boots so he’s hanging up his wrestling Air Jordans and it appears that he’s serious about it.

Amore was famously fired after a scandal broke out when a woman accused him of rape. This went down in October but Enzo Amore didn’t alert WWE about an on-going investigation until she broke her own silence on social media before the Royal Rumble.

It didn’t take long for everything to snowball out of control for Enzo in today’s day and age of social media and public scrutiny. Soon, Enzo Amore was released in spite of the fact that he was the current WWE Cruiserweight champion and a tournament was started to crown a new champion which Cedric Alexander eventually won during the WrestleMania kickoff show.

The Certified G has been silent on social media since this scandal broke out but it looks like he’s breaking his online absence by making a cryptic statement. Amore posted a picture of some tennis shoes hanging on a utility line while saying, “it’s been real.”

A lot of people have broken down this simple message and have come to the conclusion that it most likely means Enzo Amore is saying that he’s hanging up his boots, well Air Jordans. Enzo set his eyes on a future rap career after his WWE tenure was over and it looks like if he’s going to make that jump, now would be as good of a time as any.

Only time will tell if/when we see Enzo Amore again and what he’ll be doing. But it’s probably a safe bet that if you read this picture a certain way, he probably won’t be wrestling.


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