booker t

Booker T was recently replaced by Jonathan Coachman on Monday Night Raw, and he’s no longer part of the announce team. Booker is back to doing commentary on the kickoff shows, and he recently claimed on his show Heated Conversations that Corey Graves is the reason he’s not on Raw anymore.

Booker seems pretty heated about the issue, and he even claimed that he would be looking to fight Corey Graves if he ever sees him on the street.

This whole situation is kind of crazy, and some fans have their doubts in regards to whether or not it’s real, or if Booker and Corey are trying to set up some kind of angle.

One way or another, Booker T is trying to get it all out in the open, as he invited Corey Graves to call in to his show and work out their issues on the air.

Corey Graves isn’t turning down the opportunity, as he responded by saying that he will gladly speak on the show.

What do you think? Are they just working us all or is there something to this seemingly heated feud? Sound off in the comments below.