The biggest wrestling pay-per-views continue to pack in the audiences and WrestleMania 33 was no exception.

The show that some people are calling one of the WWE’s greatest events ever had superstar performers, surprise guests, unexpected drama, and plenty of brutal action in the ring.

It was a triumphant night for wrestling fans, but there were a few moments of high-octane drama that people are still buzzing about in the aftermath. With that in mind, let’s recap some of the biggest things we’ll remember from WrestleMania 33.

Cena’s Proposal

While relationship drama has made its way into WWE rings before, romantic moments aren’t typically among the highlights at major events. That changed this past weekend, when John Cena proposed to longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella moments after winning a tag-team match with her. You can actually re-watch the moment Cena proposed, and it made for a surprisingly refreshing (and romantic) twist at WrestleMania. For a moment it almost felt entirely unscripted judging by Bella’s reaction!

Lesnar’s Win

brock lesnar

Most people expected Brock Lesnar to win his title bout against the more experienced Goldberg. Judging by the WrestleMania odds available at the top platforms outlined online, Lesnar was easily the favorite to walk away with the belt. His odds were as good 1/50 in some places, but the match was still thrilling despite the predictability. Seeing Lesnar take revenge on Goldberg with the WWE Universal Title on the line was incredible, to watch him do it thanks to 10 different German suplexes was even better.

The Hardy Boyz’ Return

the hardy boyz

Maybe the best moment of pure fun at WrestleMania 33 was the return of Matt and Jeff Hardy, which had been kept pretty quiet. There’s always speculation about past superstars returning at major WWE events, whether that means The Rock, Hulk Hogan, or just about anyone else. Still, not many expected to see the Hardy Boyz flying back into action, and WrestleMania was more extreme for it. Also, the Hardys actually won and became seven-time tag team champs in one of the best surprises WrestleMania could have offered. The Hardy Boyz proved that they’re still the best tag-team duo to ever step foot on a ladder.

Rob Gronkowski

The Gronk is boatloads of fun wherever and whenever he shows up, and very few people seem to disagree. One can question the intelligence of his appearance in a WWE ring just months after being unable to compete in the NFL playoffs due to injury, but he did have the all-clear from the New England Patriots. At any rate, he was a cool celebrity addition when he launched himself into the fray to assist Mojo Rawley, a former NFL player himself.

The Undertaker’s (Possible) Retirement

the undertaker

We also might have seen one of the WWE’s greatest icons retire “without saying a word” the other night. After falling to Roman Reigns, he simply removed his costume, kissed his wife, and walked out of the arena with a sort of salute to the crowd. It certainly wasn’t an ordinary exit, and it had a definite sense of finality about it. We don’t really know if this is the end, and there would always be the possibility of a dramatic return. Even so, it seems pretty safe to say that The Undertaker retired at WrestleMania 33. Undertaker remains one of the greatest legends of the sport, and it’s hard to imagine the WWE without him.