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For weeks now Big Show and Shaq have been going back and forth saying that their potential WrestleMania match is up in the air. According to Shaq, it’s WWE’s fault that the match hasn’t been booked yet and according to Big Show, it’s Shaq’s fault.

There’s a whole lot of finger pointing going on, and this week Show was added to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which caused many people to assume that his match with Shaq at WrestleMania is officially off. Apparently that’s not the case, because Big Show says WWE officials are still trying to work things out with Shaq.

“I want to do this match,” Big Show told Sports Illustrated. “It certainly isn’t on me. I’m serious and dedicated. Whether Shaq has other obligations or business, that’s on him. As far as I know, we’re still trying to make Princess Shaq happy so we can move forward with the match at WrestleMania. I have a lot of respect for Shaq. He’s one of the greatest NBA centers of all time. But here’s the thing, and I say this with all humility, I’m one of the greatest big men ever in the WWE.”

Big Show has dropped a significant amount of weight over the last year, and it’s clear that he’s taking his potential match with Shaq very seriously. The former WWE Champion has been showing off his physique on social media, and he thinks that might be why Shaq is dragging his feet as far as the match is concerned.

“I’m giving Shaq the opportunity to showcase himself at our biggest event of the year. He is an entertainer and he is an attraction, and he is a heck of an athlete. But he’s hemming and hawing saying it’s somebody else’s fault. If you want to do this, come do this. This is something where Shaq saw how great of shape I was in, and he decided to back out. That’s a personal thing on Shaq.”

Will this match happen? Only time will tell, but the clock is certainly ticking, so if Shaq wants in he’s going to have to sign a deal soon.

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