At No Mercy, Enzo Amore defeated Neville to become the Cruiserweight Champion. Not a lot of people are pleased with the title change, especially the entire cruiserweight division. During this week’s edition of Raw, the entire division came to revolt against the new champion.

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Despite the fact that Enzo asked Kurt Angle for a non-contact stipulation to protect him from the entire division, Neville laid out Enzo at the end of the segment on Raw. It’s being speculated by IWNerd that Angle may take action against Neville and call his attack a breach of contract.

The expectation is that if that were to happen, Neville would likely be moving to SmackDown Live and would no longer be featured on 205 Live. A possible move to SmackDown Live may be an opportunity for him to enter the US Title hunt or even challenge for the WWE Title.

It’s possible that WWE officials could book a rematch between Enzo and Neville before some big changes are made. There is an extremely interesting double turn happening right now on 205 Live, so WWE officials may want to see that through before making some big changes.