Back in July WWE shocked the world when the company announced that former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt had been released from his contract.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast is reporting that Wyatt was being difficult prior to his WWE release. It’s also being reported that he had performances issues in the ring, issues with his weight, and also that he just wasn’t happy.

It’s being said that there wasn’t just one specific reason as to why WWE released Bray Wyatt, but that there were a number of issues that led to the company making the decision to let him go, and the release decisions were not cut and dry.

There was also reportedly a financial issue which wasn’t the main reason for his release, but one of the many reasons why he was let go.

Recently it’s been rumored that AEW and Impact Wrestling are interested in signing the former WWE Champion. Tony Khan recently commented on the possibility of Bray Wyatt signing with AEW and you can get more on that here.