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It’s SmackDown Live time. Let’s just see if they can come up with anything as incredible as last night’s main event between Braun Strowman and Big Show that literally exploded the ring.

Opening Segment

Charlotte’s music kicks off the show and Charlotte Flair came out in an amazing blue robe. The crowd took in The Nature Girl in all of her genetically superior glory as she began to speak. Every word she spoke was incredibly over.

She said she’s only been on SmackDown for a week and she’s already lost her patience. She said she’s “fastly getting furious” because Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon have been binge watching the Fast And The Furious. That was cute.

She immediately wanted to know why she hasn’t been granted a SmackDown Women’s Title match. She demanded her spot and her title shot.

Naomi came out to answer her question. The Glow came out here and said they don’t have any kings or queens on SmackDown live, but they have champions. Naomi said she’s going to give Charlotte what she wants because she’s never scared.

Naomi was prepared to give Charlotte what she wanted right then and there. Naomi jumped Charlotte and the feathers in Char Char’s robe went flying. We can only imagine how much that robe cost.

Suddenly a referee came down to break them up and Shane McMahon appeared to calm the situation down. Shane said Charlotte and Naomi will fight tonight, but Charlotte needs to earn her #1 contendership. If Charlotte wins the match tonight, then she’ll get a title shot next week.

Charlotte capped the segment off by jumping Naomi and getting some of that heel heat back. She held up the SmackDown Women’s Championship and Naomi came in to get her title back. After a small brawl, Charlotte went up the aisle and Naomi held her title up high. We can’t wait to see what bird Charlotte will be wearing to the ring next week.

Backstage Segment

Nattie was complaining to Shane about not being the SmackDown Women’s Champion. She said she’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Carmella came in and ran some great insults on Natalya. Tamina Snuka came in and joined the conversation. All three women started a banter back and forth until Nattie quieted them down and seemed to resolve it strangely.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Erick Rowan vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Mojo Rawley vs. Luke Harper vs. Sami Zayn  (#1 Contender Match)

Anything can happen in WWE and if any of these guys came away with the win it would be a surprise. A few of these guys have had close-calls with a WWE Championship, but none of them have sealed the deal (except Dolph Ziggler, but that was so long ago it’s ridiculous).

The match started with the usual chaos that these 6-pack challenges are known for. Luke Harper took out Dolph Ziggler but was soon taken on by his former Wyatt Family brethren Erick Rowan. Luke got the best of Erick and Sami Zayn jumped in but was planted by Harper.

Thus far in the match, Luke Harper was coming off looking very strong.

There was a spot where there where two superplexes were followed by a sunset flip bomb. It’s a good thing they didn’t all go at the same time or it might be the second night in a row that a WWE ring broke.

Sami went for a Helluva Kick on Ziggler but ate a Superkick. Rowan took Ziggler out, but then Rowan took down Harper. Suddenly Mahal and Rowan took each other out with a double clothesline.

Mojo went for a clothesline on Sami but was put out of the ring. Luke threw Sami out after that. Suddenly Harper hit two suicide dives in a row to take everyone out. Ziggler got his head kicked off by Rowan and got a close two-count.

Erick Rowan then powerbombed Ziggler over the top rope onto everyone else in the match. That’s one way to do some damage to everyone in the match at the same time.

Rowan tossed Sami Zayn in the ring but Erick couldn’t get a three-count. After that Luke Harper came back in the stand toe-to-toe with his former Wyatt Family stablemate.

Mojo hit Ziggler with some offense and caught Dolph as he went for a diving cross body. Rawley threw Ziggler to the mat and followed it up with that fantastic running right hand. Jinder Mahal tossed Mojo out and covered Dolph 1-2-Sami Zayn jumped in and broke up the pin.

This match was all over the place. Each one of these men gave their all to challenge Randy Orton at Backlash for the WWE Championship, yes they said that. Not acknowledging it could be Bray Wyatt in the slightest.

“This is awesome” chants broke out as the new babyface JBL cheered everyone on instead of belittling them. Harper almost got a pinfall on Dolph Ziggler and signaled like he was about to finish it. Jinder pulled Harper out and threw him into the steps.

Sami Zayn hit Luke Harper with a dive over the ropes and followed it up with a springboard flip on Mojo. Sami jumped back in the ring and hit Jinder Mahal with an exploder suplex. But just as Sami was about to go for a Helluva Kick when the Bollywood Boyz sprung up wearing white suits and grabbed Zayn’s legs.

Jinder Mahal followed it up with a roll-up pin and got the win. So, Jinder Mahal got the win. Jinder cut a promo on the crowd and accused them of being jealous of his family’s wealth, the fact he speaks two languages, yada yada. He had a massive amount of heel heat. But yeah. This is weird. He looks good though and it totally fits his persona.

Suddenly Randy Orton’s music hit and The Viper came out looking perplexed at his next challenger. Randy said, “I guess congratulations are in order.” Randy said Jinder’s won the jackpot only his prize won’t be the WWE Championship.

The crowd broke out in “RKO” chants and Randy then turned his attention to Bray Wyatt. He said he doesn’t know what a House Of Horrors Match is, but if it’s anything like the last house Bray brought him to he’s going to burn it down too. That was clever.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen and he cut a great promo. The arena was full of Bray Wyatt’s fireflies as Wyatt cut a crazy promo about how Randy didn’t understand what he was getting himself into. If the House Of Horrors match is anything like the one Michael Hayes pitches nearly twenty years ago for The Brood and The Hardy Boyz, then it’s going to be one wild funhouse ride.

Nakamura Promo

They aired a Shinsuke Nakamura promo tonight. So they kept him from interacting on television for another week. This is really smart booking for a couple of reason. Number 1: it builds anticipation for the eventual unloading of Strong Style on the main roster and 2: it keeps him safe.

Backstage Segment

AJ Styles is asked who he would rather face after Payback. AJ said it doesn’t matter if he faces Owens or Jericho for the US Championship because he’s got the home field advantage on SmackDown Live.

Baron Corbin walked in and joined the conversation. Baron Corbin said he came at Owens like a man while AJ and Zayn stuck their noses in his business. AJ then challenged Corbin for a match and The Lone Wolf accepted.

Charlotte was walking backstage when she ran into a roadblock consisting of Nattie, Tamina, Carmella, and James Ellsworth. They let Charlotte pass through them but not before planting some seeds for intimidation that she evidently didn’t buy into.

Charlotte vs. Naomi

Charlotte came out with a smirk on her face. She looked ready to take on Naomi. The lights went out and everyone felt The Glow.

Charlotte started the match out to her advantage by kicking Naomi down in the corner and tossing her across the ring. The Nature Girl caught her in a rear chin lock as Nattie, Carmella, Tamina, and The Chinless Wonder all stood backstage and watched on a monitor. It’s great that James Ellsworth seems to now be a part of the SmackDown women’s division.

Naomi tried to gain an advantage but ended up on her back. Charlotte applied some leg scissors and mocked Naomi. “That’s why I’m the queen!”

Naomi ended up in the corner and getting Charlotte’s boot to her face again. Charlotte soon took control of the match and it was all Flair at that point.

Naomi finally caught Char Char with leg scissors of her own and followed it up with another move. The two then started trading chops in the middle of the ring. Not a smart move against a Flair. Naomi started kicking Charlotte with both legs and Charlotte was taken down.

Naomi jumped up to take Charlotte down with a hurricanrana, Charlotte blocked it and lifted her up like she was going to powerbomb her. Then both women went toppling over the top rope onto the mat below. Women’s wrestling has come a long way since the days of slapping and hair pulling. Seriously, this was an actual wrestling match.

Charlotte continued her advantage on Naomi with a reverse headlock and wouldn’t let go. All four women (including Ellsworth) stood backstage and stared intently at the monitor. Charlotte hit a suplex on Naomi and got a 2-count.

Charlotte pulled her knee pad down and delivered a couple knee-drops on Naomi. Char Char went for another suplex but Naomi landed on her feet and attempted a sunset flip. Charlotte blocked it and just hit her with a knee. Flair went for another knee, but Naomi moved and Charlotte hit nothing.

Naomi rolled Flair up and got a 1-count. She started belting Charlotte with punches and followed it up with a hurricanrana. Then she hit charlotte with a stunner-looking move. Naomi looked like she was “hulking up” but Charlotte tossed her over the ropes. Naomi hit Charlotte with a top rope crossbody and got a 2-count.

Naomi got Flair up and tried to hit her with another kick but she didn’t get it. Naomi attempted a Rear View, but Charlotte blocked that too. Flair hit Naomi with a Natural Selection and 1-2-3, we have a new #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Charlotte Flair will face Naomi next week for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.


Charlotte is walking backstage and walks right by Nattie, Tamina, Carmella, and Ellsworth. She just lets out a “Woo!” and keeps on walking without paying much mind to their jelly looks.

Shining Stars vs. American Alpha

Gable and Jordan were not happy with Primo and Epico. They took to fight to The Shining Stars pretty quickly and didn’t give them much room to breathe early on.

The Shining Stars turned it around using some heel tactics of distracting the referee and then Chad Gable in turn. Primi and Epico used some tag team techniques to cut the ring in half and keep Gable from his partner.

Primo and Epico ended up getting the cheap victory and they were simply known as “The Colons” by the ring announcer.

Backstage Segment

Tye Dillinger was backstage and hyped himself up pretty hard. But he didn’t need to. We know he’s the Perfect 10. Unfortunately, some people might need to learn. That’s why we’re glad they had a video package ready.

Kevin Owens Is Awesome

Owens came down and told the ring announcer he wasn’t good at announcing and told him to get out. KO then announced himself and let his opponent Gary Gandy from Louisville, Kentucky announce himself.

The hometown boy didn’t last long though. KO beat him senseless. 1-2-3 and Kevin Owens won. That was a nice little squash match.

Kevin then got on the microphone and said he was going to get on the commentary booth and watch the main event.

Baron Corbin vs. AJ Styles

It’s so weird that we still mark out every now and then when we see AJ Styles on WWE television. We really should be used to it by now, but it’s always phenomenal.

Corbin and AJ started out slowly. Baron went for AJ and he received a kick to the leg for his troubles. AJ jumped out of the ring to play some mind games. Baron went after him and AJ jumped on Corbin.

Baron used his size to snatch AJ out of the air and plant him on the ring apron. That was a brutal looking spot. Baron Corbin applied some more pressure to AJ Styles until The Phenomenal One was able to fight his way out of it. Too bad for AJ, Baron Corbin easily threw him ribs-first into the ring post and he went crashing onto the floor.

Baron Corbin kept up the assault on Styles rocking him with a fist as soon as AJ started to mount a comeback of any kind. Baron Corbin looked like a brutal star in this one.

AJ ducked out of the way and sent a charging Corbin into the ring post giving Styles his first taste of freedom in this match. AJ caught Corbin with a Pele Kick and followed it up with a forearm in the corner.

AJ picked Baron up, but Corbin squirmed out of it. Styles hit Baron with another forearm and got a two-count.

Baron Corbin hit Styles with a punishing backbreaker and got a close two-count. Baron went charging to the corner and AJ raised his leg to kick him in the face. AJ soon caught him in a Calf Crusher but Baron Corbin used his size to get to the ropes.

Baron Corbin hit AJ with a Deep 6 and got another two-count. Baron Corbin looked pissed at that point and yelled: “come on!” Baron got to his feet first before AJ and prepared his next move. He ran at AJ, but Styles ducked and The Lone Wolf went crashing to the floor.

AJ hit Corbin with a forearm from the apron and followed it up with a running knee. Baron Corbin picked AJ up on his back and “accidentally” threw AJ onto Kevin Owens who was still at the commentary booth.

AJ Styles jumped off the apron and hit Baron Corbin with a forearm that sent Baron Corbin over the barricade. AJ Styles got back in the ring just in time for the referee to get a 10-count. So AJ Styles won via count out. Well, that’s one way to keep the heat on Baron Corbin.

SmackDown Live ended with AJ Styles celebrating and Kevin Owens clutching his United States Championship looking like a very unhappy camper.