Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton are scheduled to do battle in a House Of Horrors Match at WWE Payback. But on a recent episode of “Edge And Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness” the former WWE Tag Team Champions reveal the House Of Horrors match is nothing new.

As it turns out, The House Of Horrors Match was initially conceived by Michael Hayes years ago in an Outback Steakhouse. But the first participants weren’t supposed to be The Viper and The Eater Of Worlds. The match was supposed to be The Brood vs. The Hardy Boyz.

“Do you remember Michael [Hayes] came up with this idea, and full credit he came up with this: The House Of Horrors Match?” Edge asks Christian.

Christian replied with an impression of Michael PS Hayes saying, “Guys I got an ideal, he couldn’t say idea, it was ideal. And he was like, ‘what about The Brood against The Hardys?’ And he came up with this concept for this House Of Horrors Match where basically we would do the match inside of like a funhouse-type thing with like two-way mirrors and different rooms and things and we would fight all the way — I can’t remember how the match would end, but I remember the concept and being like ‘woah, that’s pretty crazy but kinda cool.'”

“It was strange,” Edge said, “and shoot it like a movie with trap doors and secret passageways and all of these things. Kinda I guess, a predecessor to — like Matt must’ve remembered that and took that and ran with it with the, you know, “Delete, Delete” idea and everything like that. But I remember Michael coming up with it and the four of us were kinda like, ‘woah that’s crazy but there’s a possibility.’ And then it was about figuring out how Jeff could do a Whisper In The Wind off a staircase and just weird things like that. But I remember the multiple camera angles.”

“I don’t know if it would’ve worked then,” Edge continued.

“I was kinda in the age of Boiler Room Matches and stuff, so we might’ve been able to get away with it,” Christian said. “I just don’t know if we were big enough stars at the time.” Edge and Christian were still a part of The Brood and just getting their footing in the eyes of the WWE Universe. All four superstars were starting to step up in the tag division and make names for themselves.

It would have been an awesome match, but it obviously didn’t happen.

“Fast-forward 17-18 years or so and now it’s been done,” Edge said. “Kudos to The Hardys and Michael Hayes.”

So if you’re still wondering what the House Of Horrors Match will consist of at WWE Payback, we still have no idea. WWE might not know what they’re going to do either. But the initial plan was to do the match years before Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt were ever on the WWE roster.

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  1. Just play the clip of their bad wrestlemania match on the titantron or just project the images and clips of maggots, cockroaches and worms while they wrestle at Payback

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