Last summer WWE debuted the SmackDown Tag Team Titles which were a modified version of the WWE Tag Team Titles with blue straps and silver plates. The Raw Tag Team Titles later followed suit by ditching the copper for silver, and upgrading to red straps for the belts. Now it looks like another change could be coming for the titles.

Reddit user dvizzle, who has been known to break reliable information regarding belts in the past, recently noted that the belts for both Raw and SmackDown Live will be modified so that they can accommodate side-plates like the main titles. He posted the following on Reddit:

“Being told the tags on both shows have had designs modified to take removable sideplates like the main belts. Same source said these should be showing up on TV within the upcoming weeks”

Why would WWE make a change like this? The reason is purely financial as it will allow the company to sell replicas of the side-plates on WWE Shop.

Is it necessary? Probably not. Is it going to be awesome? Let’s hope so.

We’ve all seen just how cool the custom side-plates can be on the WWE Championship, and the Universal Championship, so there’s reason to believe that this idea has some potential.


  1. Personally, I think ALL of the WWE’s newer Title belts’ designs suck! They’re just so plain and cheap-looking; like toys! So far – knock on wood – they’ve not messed with the US and IC Title belts …not yet, anyway. Maybe for once they might actually leave tradition (and well enough) alone!